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Cyclone Nation is devoted to spreading the positive story of Iowa State athletics and we kicked it off yesterday with a bang. A new feature at CN is the question of the day featured on the message boards. Yesterday's question was:

What is your favorite memory of all-time at an ISU sporting event? It can be from any sport. Tell your story to CN.


Here is what some of CN's most passionate subscribers had to say.


Note that while all of the responses were great, only a small portion of them are listed.


My personal favorite response of the day was what Matmann22 had to say.


Matmann22 said…


Does getting caught in a Troy Davis and buddies food fight outside the Maple-Willow-Larch dining area count ?


Chrishull14 said…


All of the posts so far have been outstanding! But, for me, I can't look back without looking forward at the same time.

I have to say hiring Jamie Pollard.

Those other memories keep the belief alive that we will reach the top of the mountain. But, now it isn't just a belief. I know we will get there!!"



Burn587 said…


 Hmmm....tough one. I'd have to say either Marcus Fizer's dunk over Chris Mihm or ISU's drubbing of UCLA in the Sweet 16 in 2000. Also not exactly a moment but a quote I fondly remember was Jamaal Tinsley when asked about Phog Allen saying "it's just another gym.


Cywarrior said…


This is an easy one for me. It was the day I became a Cyclone. September 11, 1999 was a special day for me as ISU beat the hawks in Jack Trice for the first time in 16 some years. I had just started attending ISU that fall and I had grown up a hawk fan just like everyone else in NW Iowa. I went to that game as a hawk fan and after seeing the tailgating, the students having such a great time, the atmosphere throughout the stadium, Darrin Davis rushing for 235 yards and the mighty Cyclones winning that game 17-10, I just knew I couldn't be a hawk fan anymore. I had seen the light that night, and have been a passionate Cyclone fan ever since.
There will never be a better memory to me than the day I became a member of the Cyclone family. (Please don't tell my wife!)


CYlentBob said…


December 1987. Iowa State/Iowa. Lafester goes off for 54 points in an overtime extravaganza. That game had a GREAT atmosphere, and my friends and I were sitting 3 rows behind the East basket so we could see all the action close up.


SteveDeace said…


 I've got to back to the 2002 Iowa-Iowa State game. Being in that press box and watching those Hawkeye old timers gloating in the first half, and then melting down in stunned silence in the second half was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

BJ Schaben and I just sat in the back row of the press box laughing so hard we almost burst our bladders.

And then talking to Jordan Carstens one-on-one in the locker room afterwards was like talking to an exhausted gladiator. Dude is all man.

To top it off, as I'm walking out of Kinnick that night I see one lone Cyclone fan still sitting in the stands. He gets up, turns to leave, and then turns around one last time and flips off the near empty stadium.

True story, I kid you not.


Cykadelic said…


Beating KU in 1996 at KC for the last Big 8 MBB tourney championship. First time ISU had won any title of any kind in a major sport in a very long time. Great atmosphere at the game with Kemper half full of ISU fans and half full of KU fans. The stunned look on the KU fans and utter joy of the ISU fans at the end of that game was priceless and something I'll never forget.


Jperickson23 said…


Then last year when Lamarcus Hicks picked off Manson and took it to the house. I have never heard the Jack louder. I was sitting in the SE corner right in front of the play and my sunglasses were completely mangled by countless fans jumping on top of each other. The looks on all the Hawk fans faces were just priceless and something I'll never forget.


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