Basketball Camp Notes - Day Two

Sunday was day two of the Iowa State mens basketball camp and CN was there to cover it. In this feature, get notes from a scrimmage featuring all of the big names from the camp. Who stood out? Who won? Read it here at CN.

P'Allen Stinnett dominated the scrimmage held later in the day but for now, here are some notes that I took during warm-ups on Sunday.



Notes During Warm-Ups


Corey McIntosh is going to be a very popular player in the city of Ames. At 5'9, the women will think that he is cute and the men will love his ability to pound it out down low with the big guys. He's quick, he's got a great shot and he's a floor general. Best of all, he's got a great personality. In the short time that I talked to him, he told two or three jokes.


Wesley Johnson has the body of a potential NBA player. He obviously needs to put on some muscle weight, but he will do that with ISU's workout program. There are certain players who when you look at them, the word baller comes to your head, Johnson is one of them.


Cory Johnson doesn't look like much in his picture on, but I guarantee you he's filled out a lot since that was taken. He looks like a boy in his picture, but now he looks like a man. He still can put on some weight, which he will in over the summer and the fall. With Cory's ability to knock down the three, which he has done numerous times today in camp, he could be deadly when he gets seasoned in the Big 12.


P'Allen Stinnett looks like a kid with an attitude off the court. I saw him trying to sleep underneath a table before his scrimmage, but once he gets on the court he has more energy than anybody out there. One drawback I saw with Stinnett is that he takes a lot of bad shots. He's a great floor general, but needs to work on discipline and his shot could use some work. If P'Allen is ready to play, he's more than likely the bets player on the floor. He's quick and when he gets hot, he gets hot.



Andy Nagel doesn't look like much, but with his performance this weekend he could definitely see an offer from Iowa State. He already has a nice solid frame, and in basketball years, he's just a baby. He's one of those guys who just has fun out there and I think that he truly wants to be a Cyclone if the offer is there.



The highlight of the afternoon at camp was a scrimmage that featured some of the better athletes in attendance. Here were the starters on the two teams.


Team 1 – P'Allen Stinnett, Craig Brackins, Wesley Johnson, Andre McFarland and DiAnte Garrett

Team 2 – Cory Johnson, Brent Barz, Dwight Buycks, Andy Nagel, Jacob Pullen


Here are notes I took while watching the scrimmage.


  • Stinnett just took it coast to coast and threw down one of the sickest dunks of the weekend. The dude has so much confidence it's scary. Stinnett and Brackins will be a sweet combination for Brewster next season, and possibly ISU in the future.
  • Cory Johnson just took the ball from half court and took it all the way to the hoop for a powerful lay-in. Ball handling won't be a problem for Cory.
  • This game is turning into a lot of one on one basketball.
  • Stinnett just hit his 2nd three of the game.
  • Dwight Buycks is a guy not a lot of Cyclone fans know about, but he's had one heck of a weekend. He's already knocked down two threes in this scrimmage.
  • P'Allen Stinnett is a walking highlight reel. He just literally jumped over Andy Nagel and threw another dunk down. Sinnett and Buycks are putting on quite the show.
  • Wesley Johnson just showed me the ability to take it hard to the hoop. Johnson and Cory Johnson are currently guarding each other and are going at it pretty hard. Cory looks extremely competitive to me. He doesn't want to be shown up by his future teammate.
  • Andy Nagel doesn't do the simple things like moving without the ball that he'll need to do if he wants to play D-1 basketball.
  • Craig Brackins and Brent Barz are currently matched up and Brackins is having his way with Barz. Brackins really can go inside or out. He just hit a jumper right in Barz's face from about 13 feet.
  • Wesley Johnson just made P'Allen Stinnett's dunks look like childs play. Johnson is a pure athlete. He dunked from about halfway in between the charity stripe and the hoop.
  • The more I watch Wesley Johnson, the more I love this prospect. He doesn't necessarily take over basketball games, but he's so smooth out there that he's fun to watch. He's had two dunks in a row, the last one was a tip in off of a P'Allen Stinnett miss.
  • Cory Johnson is all hustle. He just tried to call a timeout while falling out of bounds in a scrimmage. Coach McDermott happened to be sitting right there and had a good laugh over it. He's not the most athletically gifted guy out there, but he's always one of the first players down the floor. He and Brent Barz are showing some great chemistry on the floor together.
  • This game has turned into a Craig Brackins dunk fest. That's three trips in a row the big guy has thrown it down.
  • Stinnett looks very comfortable with the current ISU players and coaches. At one point, Stinnett, Wesley Johnson and Cory Johnson were all in a huddle chatting. They talked a lot with Dustin Streff and Jiri Hubalek.
  • Team 1 ended up winning by a score of 77-69 in two 12 minute halves.


In a scrimmage like this with so many gifted athletes, only certain players really have a chance to stand out. To me, the MVP of this game was definitely P'Allen Stinnett. His non-stop energy and overwhelmingly confident attitude were impressive to me.


Wesley Johnson really stood out to me as well. You could tell when he was out of the game because his team really seemed like they were missing a leader on the floor. He doesn't necessarily have the attitude of a leader, but he speaks volumes with his play on the court.


For team two, Dwight Buycks really stood out to me. He is extremely quick and really leads like PG should on the court. Unfortunately for him, he had to go up against P'Allen.



Other Notes:


  • Corey McIntosh wasn't in attendance today because he elected to spend some time with his mother.
  • Dustin Streff looks a lot bigger than he did last year. That's good news because he'll need to log some minutes next season.

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