Exclusive: The Trio's AAU Coach Talks ISU

Anthony Brown is the head coach of the Las Vegas Prospects, the AAU team which happens to have Craig Brackins, P'Allen Stinnett and Andre McFarland all on it's roster. With a commitment from Brackins and offers on the table from Stinnett and McFarland, CN caught up with Anthony Brown and talked about his trio and where they might end up.

Williams: Do you think it is a very good possibility that Andre McFarland could end up at Iowa State in the future?


Brown: Of course. With his teammate Craig Brackins already committing and P'Allen (Stinnett) committing there last year and the possibility that they all can play together, of course I can.


Williams: Have those three talked about that? Have they sat down and discussed that they have the opportunity to all play together at a major division one Big 12 program? Are they excited about that opportunity?


Brown: They have and yes they are very excited.


Williams: What makes Andre such a good player and why does he have such a bright future?


Brown: He's a match-up nightmare. He can go outside or inside. You can put him at the 2. He'll post you up. You can play him at the 3 or the 4. He can catch and shoot.


Williams: Did you talk to him about his recent offer from Iowa State? Was he excited about that?


Brown: I know that they boys have all talked individually together but I haven't sat down with any of them and talked about it except Craig because he made his commitment already.


Williams: Do you have any idea of a timetable that Andre could be looking at? When do you see him making his decision in the future?


Brown: He's going to go to the July period and make a decision after taking as many trips as he needs to take. He'll make a decision then.


Williams: What about other schools? Do you know any of them off the top of your head that are really coming at him hard?


Brown: Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma, Idaho all are.


Williams: About the schools that haven't offered him, is he not as much of a priority to them as he is to Iowa State? Why do you think that they haven't offered him?


Brown: He's excited about what he's got so far. It'll be a different style of basketball instead of the West and the Pac 10. It will definitely be a different venture going out to the Big 12 or the Big 10.


Williams: Let's talk a little bit about P'Allen. He's got a history with Iowa State with all that happened last year but he's back again with this ISU offer. What has P'Allen said to you about the Cyclones?


Brown: You have to consider that Damon Archibald recruited him very hard for three years. To make a kid from Las Vegas go to Ames, Iowa, not just convincing him to go there but getting him to actually believe what he was saying. That's something special. Then, the other half is that he obviously had to enjoy Iowa State to commit there.


Williams: So he had a great relationship with Coach Archibald. What has he said about the new coaching staff compared to his relationship with Coach Arch?


Brown: He really likes Coach Otzelberger. I think that they are similar in personality. Coach Archibald was a married man, he had kids so he was older and maybe a little more seasoned. With TJ, he's not too far removed from their situation.


Williams: Of all the players at camp, he stood out to me the most. I know that on Iowa State's behalf, they are even looking for him to play a little bit of PG. Talk a little bit about his game and how versatile he actually is.


Brown: P'Allen is an athletic freak. He's surprisingly athletic. The way he kind of walks and moves around the court, and then he just explodes. He's a competitor. That kid has a bright future ahead of him.


Williams: I know he can knock down the three. I saw him dunking over 6'9 guys. How deadly is that for you as a coach to have a kid like that who can potentially play three different positions on the floor?


Brown: It's a great situation because as a coach you have an offensive setup. Let's be honest, the motion doesn't always work and he's the kid, that if the offense breaks down, you can still get two points.


Williams: What about other schools that are currently looking at P'Allen?


Brown: You have Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma.


Williams: What about a timetable for P'Allen? Do you see him being kind of like McFarland and waiting until July?


Brown: After the July period, I'll sit back down with both of them and we'll narrow it down to three of four schools and go from there.


Williams: How cool would it be for you coach of all three of your players ended up together at a place like Iowa State?


Brown: It would be cool if it's a great situation for them. If all three of them could be in a system where they prosper, that would be great. I'm not really caught up in them all going to school together, I just want them all in a great situation.

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