CN Scouting Report - Matt Bentler

Matt Bentler was one of the top prospects yesterday at Iowa State's football camp. Who was one of his camp instructors? Who worked with Bentler all day? CN's own Luke Vander Sanden, that's who. There's no better source than a former ISU team captain when it comes to breaking down a recruit. Click here to get Vander Sanden's exclusive scouting report on Matt Bentler.

This week's football camp is an outstanding way for some of these in-state guys looking for offers to earn their stripes in front of the coaches of Iowa State. Matt Bentler came closer to that yesterday. Bentler, a 6'5, 280 pound lineman out of Assumption HS in Davenport worked a lot one on one with Barney Cotton, and he also worked closely with CN's own Luke Vander Sanden.


Here's Vander Sanden's scouting report on Matt Bentler.


On Potential


"He was there for a day and based on what I saw he was the best kid there. He has great feet for an offensive lineman. He's probably already at 270 and he's a high school kid going into his senior year. In the ladder drills that we do with Coach Cotton, he breezed through those and with the agility drills, he breezed through those. For as far as his technique, I was pretty impressed with him just being a high school kid. He must be coached well from his high school coach's technique wise. He's a smart kid."


What did the coaches think?


"The only coach that I talked to was Coach Cotton. He obviously thinks that he can develop into a Big 12 lineman. He seems like a relentless type of guy. I wouldn't compare him to Scott Stephenson but he's solid. I know that Stanford has offered him. Coach basically said the he's a good looking kid and it'd be nice to have him in the next signing class."


On Character


"I never really talked one on one with him but he has a solid work ethic. He obviously has a ways to go as far as developing into a bad ass but I know that Coach Cotton had him the whole day he was here in his drills. Obviously he was really working hard with him and looking at him hard."


Expect more scouting reports from Luke Vander Sanden and Jack Whitver this week as they will be working one on one with all of the recruits.


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