Brewster Coach Talks Craig Brackins

CN caught up with Jason Smith, the head coach at the Brewster Academy and got the scoop on how good Craig Brackins actually is. Smith will coach Brackins next season for the first time at Brewster. Find out what the coach had to say about ISU's latest commit right here in this CN basketball recruiting feature on Craig Brackins.

Iowa State isn't the only school that is getting the privilege of Craig Brackins playing for them in the future. The Brewster Academy in N.H. got the same news earlier this year when Brackins decided to attend Brewster instead of the Boys to Men Academy in Chicago.


CN caught up with Jason Smith, Brackins soon to be head coach, and Iowa State commit Dodie Dunson's former head coach at the Brewster Academy. Here's what the coach had to say about Brackins.


Williams: I know that you haven't actually gotten to coach Craig yet, but could you talk just a little bit about the type of player that you know he is based on what you know and have seen?


Smith: He has a tremendous upside. He's extremely versatile. Right now he's probably 6'9. He's definitely a back to the basket type of player. He's able to step out and put the ball on the floor and make shots. The tape that I saw this spring from AAU play with the Las Vegas Prospects, he hit a couple of 3-pointers, he had some great post moves. He has a left and right handed hook. He's extremely skilled.


Williams: You've coached Dodie Dunson as well. In the future, how do you see that combination being for Iowa State?


Smith: They'll be great. Dodie is extremely versatile himself. With us he played the PG at 6'3, but he has the versatility to move off of the ball as well. That's a similar attribute that Craig has. He can play the 3, the 4 or the 5.


Williams: What was Craig's decision based on when he chose to go to Brewster next year?


Smith: I think that he wanted a more traditional boarding school experience. This year when he was at Boys to Men, I think the school is very small and is primarily just for basketball players. I think that he was looking for more of a traditional boarding school. We have a talented basketball program like Boys to Men did, but we also have students from 30 different states and about 20 different countries. It's a very diverse community and that's what he really was attracted to.


Williams: What is Craig like as a person?


Smith: I'm sure a lot of coaches say this, but when I'm recruiting a kid I look for character. When I was recruiting him, I talked to mainly his classroom teachers. Right across the board, the first thing that they mentioned when talking about Craig was that he was a great kid. They said that you'd really love him, he has a great personality. The character piece is what really stood out to me when I needed to know more about him. He's a great young man on the phone. He's very engaging and charismatic. He has similar attributes to what Dodie has. Dodie I think might be the nicest kid, like I've said before on the planet. Craig has that same type of personality. I don't know if he's going to be the same type of kid as Dodie, but I don't think that's fair to Craig because Dodie is one of a kind.


Williams: With what you've seen, and what you know about Craig's skill, how good of a college career do you think this kid will have?


Smith: I think that he has a chance to have a great college career. I think a lot of it depends on if he wants to continue to work and based on what I know of Craig, he has that work ethic and desire and that's why he's elected to come to Brewster next year. He wants to have tremendous facilities and be around people who have the same level of motivation the he does. You're not going to see him fall off of the ranks just because he's committed to Iowa State. He has some goals in place. He wants to lead us to a championship next year, but also, when he steps foot in Ames, he wants to play from day one. He obviously has some areas that he needs to work on in the next year and a half such as strength and conditioning.


Williams: Do you feel like you folks at Brewster can correct some of those issues so he can come in here and make an immediate impact at Iowa State?


Smith: I believe so. I really won't know until I have a chance to work with Craig on a daily basis, but based on everybody who I've spoken to, he has that character and work ethic to be successful with whatever he does.


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