Eilert Seeking ISU Offer

Will Eilert was arguably the best DE at camp on Thursday morning and he's sniffing an offer from Iowa State. What are his feelings on the Cyclones? Get the scoop here in this CN recruiting update on Will Eilert.

Will Eilert wasn't shy on Thursday morning about his feelings towards Iowa State. He wants an offer, and he loves the Cyclones.


"It's really nice to meet everyone. It's nice to be able to perform in front of someone and I'm trying to get that scholarship," Eilert told CN Thursday morning at camp. "They (ISU) would be my definite favorite right now."


Eilert, a big 6'4, 250 pound DE out of Grinnell, Iowa started the day playing defense before a switch to TE was made towards the end of practice on Thursday.


"I started out on defense and I thought I did pretty well. I thought I was one of the better ones out there. I won all of my one on ones," Eilert said.


Eilert is attending camp for today only, but he's confident that he will see an offer in the near future.


"I think that I'm really close with Iowa State. I talked to Coach Ash; he recruits the SE corner of Iowa which is where I'm from. He sounds pretty interested. It sounds like they might offer. I think I'm doing pretty well today," Eilert said.


Eilert has already received an offer from Wyoming but is seeing a lot of interest from Kansas and Iowa State as well. It's safe to say that Iowa State is his top choice.


"I'm thinking about going to Kansas, I'm not quite sure yet. I'm waiting to see how I stand with Iowa State before I decide what I'm going to do with Kansas," Eilert said. "Kansas said that they were going to offer three DE's out of my class. They thought I was one of their top recruits so if I go to camp there, I think I can get an offer but I'm looking for one from Iowa State first."


Eilert has also camped at UNI and Iowa.


"I went to the UNI lineman camp which was interesting because they had be play on the O-line, which I've never done before. I went to Iowa last Tuesday and that went pretty well."


Meeting all of the coaches has been the highlight of camp so far according to Eilert.


"The coaches were bringing some high intensity. It's been a good day so far. It's nice to finally meet everyone. I've only met a couple of the coaches. Now I'm starting to meet all of the TE's, the DE's and the defensive line coaches." Eilert said.


Iowa State isn't only recruiting a lineman in Eilert, they're recruiting a fan as well.


"I actually grew up a Hawkeye fan but the coaches here have done a great job throughout the process. I'm still a little bit of a Hawk fan but they've done a great job of converting me."


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