P'Allen Stinnett - Where Does He Stand?

P'Allen Stinnett was arguably the biggest head turner of last weekends Elite Basketball Camp held in Ames. Stinnett's history with Iowa State has been up and down, but now with a fresh offer on the table, where does he stand? Find out here in this CN exclusive feature on P'Allen Stinnett.

P'Allen Stinnett and his relationship with Iowa State have been up and down to state the obvious. Last season, Stinnett committed to Iowa State and head coach Wayne Morgan, only to change his mind after the former coaching staff was let go in March.


Now, with Greg McDermott's new staff in place, Stinnett once again is looking at a scholarship offer from Iowa State which was given to him this weekend at Iowa State's Elite Basketball Camp.


"I was committed there once before and I've gotten to know the new staff there a little better. My interest in them is still strong like it was before," Stinnett told CN.


Stinnett had a very close relationship with former Iowa State assistant coach Damon Archibald, but his relationship with new Iowa State assistant T.J. Otzelberger is going well so far.


"He really likes Coach Otzelberger. I think that they are similar in personality. Coach Archibald was a married man, he had kids so he was older and maybe a little more seasoned. With TJ, he's not too far removed from their situation," said Stinnett's AAU coach Anthony Brown.


Not only is Stinnett's relationship with Otzelberger strong, he's also pleased with the rest of the coaches and their style of play. Stinnett said that he feels like he'd fit in well to the new system at Iowa State.


"They are great coaches. They know a lot about the game. When they see what a player is good at, they let them showcase what they are good at. They don't keep them under their control. They play their style but they let the players do what they're good at. I like that," Stinnett said.


So why on earth would a kid from Sin City want to play college basketball in Ames, Iowa? It's simple, the people.


"Ames is no Vegas, but the people there are really great. The school, the staff that I've met with, they all seemed focused on getting the job done, not only on the court but off of the court also," Stinnett said.


Stinnett also had a chance to talk to some current Cyclones this weekend at the camp. Needless to say, Stinnett sees a bright future at Iowa State, with or without him.


"I've met a lot of them before but the future looks great for Iowa State. They have good players and we'll see if I'm a part of that someday," Stinnett said.


The recruitment of Stinnett could become a battle among Big 12 schools. As of now, Iowa State is the only Big 12 school to offer Stinnett but Oklahoma and Kansas are right on his trail.


"There are multiple Big 12 schools that I am in contact with. Those are all my top schools right now," Stinnett said.


Stinnett did say that Iowa State being the only one of the three to offer can't be overlooked.


So when will Stinnett make his decision? It's unknown at this point for sure but expect it to be around July.


"When that July period comes we'll see what happens. As the summer goes on and when I continue to play, different schools might come around at different times. I'm not going to rush into anything," Stinnett said.


There is even more motive for Stinnett to come to Iowa State. His current teammate for the Las Vegas Prospects, Craig Brackins has committed to Iowa State and Andre McFarland, another teammate just received an offer.


"We talk about it more often than everyone thinks. It would be great to play together but we all have different outlooks on where the future goes," Stinnett said.


The trio will also team up this year at the Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.


CN will keep you updated on Stinnett's recruitment.


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