Houk Hunting for Offers

Mitch Houk is full of potential. Everybody is saying it, including the Iowa State coaches. That's a good thing for Cyclone fans. What downfall does Mitch Houk have? Will he get an Iowa State offer? Get the details here in this CN recruiting update on Mitch Houk.

There is some good news and some bad news when it comes to Ottumwa's Mitch Houk. First, I'll deliver the good.


Houk is a 6'7, 280 pound lineman who has raw untapped potential on the offensive line. So why does everybody always talk about potential when talking about Houk? That's simple. He's listed as an offensive lineman but here's the catch, he's NEVER played offensive line before.


"I've never played offense before," Houk told CN at Iowa State's football camp last week.


Houk had never played offense before, until Barney Cotton tried the big man out at tackle last week at ISU's camp.


"I learned a lot. Basically it's just all footwork. Keeping my feet flat, wide and not losing my balance," Houk said. "I'm not very happy with it (his performance) but for it being my first time on offense, I guess I did ok. I didn't really do a good job of pass blocking or anything, but it was my first time."


Houk said that after the camp that Coach Cotton really felt like he had some potential on the offensive side of the ball.


"You are talking about some very good upside if you can light a fire under Houk to see him play with more passion and more of a mean streak," said Josh Clark of Scout.com.


Will Houk be offered by Iowa State? That remains to be seen but it appears if the offer comes, Houk will be a Cyclone.


"I've been to Nebraska, Iowa State, UNI and Iowa. The Minnesota coaches came down a few times. A Northern Illinois coach has come. I've gotten some stuff from Missouri but mostly Iowa State is at the top of my list right now," Houk said. "I'm just going to keep hoping and keep working for it."


In case you forgot, Houk does have a dreadful downside. Houk was born and raised a Hawkeye fan, and he's not afraid to admit it.


"I was a Hawkeye and I'm still a Hawkeye. I will always be a Hawkeye. I've got Hawkeye license plates and Hawkeye stickers in the back of my truck," Houk said.


Bold words from a prospect looking for an ISU offer, but you have to respect the kid for being honest. I know I do.


The big question to ask now is if Houk is in a Cyclone uniform, how will he feel about the Hawkeyes then?


"I'd really want to play the Hawkeyes so they knew that they missed out," Houk said.


That's the answer we all were looking for.


CN will keep you updated on Houk and if he gains an ISU offer.

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