Byers is Still Waiting

Fort Collins, Col. LB Dan Byers is still searching for his first offer. Will he get one from ISU? That's still unknown but Byers did have an impressive camp last week at Iowa State. Find out what Byers had to say here in this CN recruiting update.

Dan Byers was one of those guys searching for an offer at last week's football camp and for at least the time being, that offer still hasn't come.


Byers, a 6'0 220 pound LB out of Fort Collins, Col was at camp on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Byers enjoyed the one on one attention he got from the coaches while he was in Ames.


"I think that the coaches are all really great. They all give really good instruction and everything like that. It was really good to finally meet up with everybody and finally get some hands on work," Byers told CN at camp.


Iowa State outside linebackers coach Shawn Sims was the man working with Byers at camp and Byers appreciated Sims's intensity.


"He's a really nice guy. He's really intense but he gave me some good hands on work and stuff like that. It was good to finally meet him and be able to work one on one," Byers said.


Tony Alford is the primary recruiter for Byers and his teammate Zach Donaldson who a safety also being recruited by Iowa State.


Though the offers haven't come yet, Byers isn't giving up. He's camping all over the place this summer in search of his first offer.


"I was at Iowa earlier this week. I'm going to go to Colorado and UCLA later in the month," Byers said. "Everybody has said that they want to evaluate me at camp. The Iowa coaches said that they want to talk with everybody and see how I did at camp. I should know pretty soon."


Byers plays both LB and RB in high school but he told me he plans on playing LB in college.


Though the offer still isn't there, Byers loves Iowa State.


"Iowa State is really up there but so is everybody to me at this point. I'm just kind of waiting and seeing so I can check out all of the schools. I want to see the academic sides of everything. Wherever I can personally fit in the best is where I want to go."

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