Sandvig - 100% Cyclone

On Saturday, Iowa State picked up the commitment of another Sandvig when Alex, the younger brother of Zac Sandvig made his college decision. In this feature, Sandvig talks about everything from his brother's reaction to what he plans on doing this summer now that he's a Clone. Check it out right here only at CN.

Imagine being a parent of two division one football players in the state of Iowa. One of them commits to Iowa State and then the following year, the younger of the two commits to the University of Iowa. That's one heck of a situation to be in on Saturdays. Thankfully, the parents of Alex and Zac Sandvig won't be in that predicament over the next five years as Alex, the younger of the two Sandvig brothers committed to Iowa State on Saturday.


"Now that I've committed to Iowa State, they're not going to have to separate on Saturday mornings. They can just head a half hour up to Ames and not have to go different ways," Sandvig told CN.


Alex will join his brother Zac in Ames, who will be a freshman this year. As you would expect, Zac was happy about his little brother's decision.


"He didn't really know that it was coming this soon but he was really happy. He told me that it's going to be a fun time. Coach McCarney thinks that it will be cool to see the Sandvig brothers to be on a national stage instead of a state stage," Alex Sandvig said.


Not only will the brothers be playing together, they might even bunk up like the good ole days as well.


"I won't be able to the first year but I'm guessing once I can live off campus we'll probably stay together," Sandvig said.


It didn't take long for Alex, a 6'2, 175 pound WR out of Valley HS in Des Moines to make his decision to commit to Iowa State after he was offered a scholarship at camp two weeks ago. Now that he's committed, he's relaxing as he spent Sunday at an outdoor country music concert in Des Moines.


"It's a great feeling just to get it over with. I'm really happy about my decision. It wasn't really too hard of a decision because I didn't have any other offers on the board but I'm fine with that," Sandvig said. "I really like what Iowa State has going on with their program and I want to be a part of that. Coach McCarney has a great thing going at Iowa State and I would love to be a part of the success."


Sandvig also talked about how excited he is to work with Iowa State's WR coach, Mike Grant and join one of the top receiving corps in the country.


"A lot of the success is from the coach. Coach Grant is an awesome coach and he's really coached those guys a lot. I know that he has a lot of talent to work with but he's made a lot of those guys go to the top of the nation," Sandvig said. "I don't have a problem being coached by him and there will be a lot of good receivers who will show me the way. Once it's my turn, hopefully I can do the same thing."


So now that he's committed, what will Sandvig do the rest of the summer? He won't be taking in anymore camps, that is for sure.


"I'm calling it quits. I think that I've proved myself at the first two camps that I went to and I feel happy about it. I'm 100% Cyclone now."


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