Will Donaldson See An Offer???

Zach Donaldson expected an offer when he attended the Iowa State camp a few weeks ago. It never came, but Donaldson is looking forward to an offer that he thinks will come in the near future. Will he get it? Find out what Donaldson had to say about Iowa State and his prime recruiter, Tony Alford here in this CN recruiting update.

Zach Donaldson camped at Iowa State a few weeks back and he came away not only in love with the football program, but the academics as well.


"I really like their school. They have a major that I'm very interested in. I want to either do construction management or be a business major so they have both of those and I was really excited when I found that out," Donaldson told CN.


Donaldson, a 6'1, 200 pound safety out of Fort Collins, Colorado loves Iowa State, but how close is he to getting an offer? Donaldson is confident that it will come in the near future.


"They actually said that they were going to offer me when I came to camp. They said that I had a really good camp but they couldn't offer me because there were few safeties who they already offered so they're waiting to see what happens there," Donaldson said.


"They said that they would probably offer me before the season or during the season sometime. We'll see what happens."


As of now Donaldson has only seen one offer, that being from Colorado State.


"Colorado State is the only school that has offered me right now but there are a number of other schools that seem pretty interested. I don't know who is going to offer me but a lot of schools want to see what I do at the beginning of my season," Donaldson said.


Though he only has the one offer, Donaldson is getting more and more attention as the summer weeks go on. Donaldson said that Colorado is now jumping into the mix.


"I really like Colorado a lot. They are probably my other number one right now. There are a couple of other schools that are up there. I like Washington State a lot. San Diego State is another," Donaldson said.


As of now, it looks like if Iowa State and Colorado both offer, they will be in a dead heat to land the safety. If that happens, where does Donaldson stand?


"I really don't know yet. I like them both a lot. I'm just starting to talk to Colorado a lot. I'm definitely going to talk to Iowa State a lot longer. I don't really know where CU is sitting with me right now," Donaldson said.


Iowa State's camp wasn't the first time Donaldson had ever been to Ames. Donaldson and his high school teammate, Dan Byers visited Iowa State in March and have been excited about the school ever since. Byers is also being recruited by Iowa State as a linebacker but like Donaldson, hasn't received an offer at this point.


So what are the chances of Iowa State landing this Colorado duo?


"We have always said that we would never do it just for the sake of doing it. If we had a school that we both really liked it would probably be a little bit of a factor. We both would love to play together but we both don't want to go to the same school just to go together," Donaldson said.


Iowa State assistant coach Tony Alford has been key in the recruitment of both Donaldson and Byers.


"He's a really nice guy. He's helped us out the whole time and he's been really honest with us. I really like him a lot," Donaldson said.


While at camp, Donaldson mainly worked with secondary coach Chris Ash.


"He seemed like a really good coach. He taught us a lot of stuff. We worked on a lot of basics and he made sure we were doing the right thing," Donaldson said.


Donaldson said that he's done camping for the summer and that he's now focusing on his senior campaign. Last year, as a junior, Donaldson recorded 85 tackles and three interceptions. He also had six pass breakups. Along with that, Donaldson rushed for over 500 yards in a three running back system.


Will Iowa State come in with an offer? Donaldson believes so. If they do, there is a legit shot that Donaldson will be wearing the cardinal and gold in 08.


"I really just like the school overall. They have a good team every year and their coaches are really nice. Right now they're sitting pretty high and I like them a lot. They're one of my favorite schools."






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