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Oskaloosa (Iowa) safety/wide receiver Tyler Sash (6-1, 192, 4.55) said he prefers to have the ball in his hands on offense, but that Iowa and Iowa State (his only offers) are recruiting him as a safety.

"When I have the ball in my hands, I have good vision and I can make plays happen. On defense, though, I need to work on my back pedaling," Sash said.


"Iowa has about 70 percent of my choice right now. I like the head coach, Kirk Ferentz, because he's easy to talk to, and not all the coaches I've come in contact with have been down-to-earth like him. I also like the recruiting coordinator for my state, Reese Morgan. Coach Morgan is best friends with my high school coach, and he recruited me first. I went to their camp on Saturday, two weekends ago (June 17)," he said.


"Iowa State has about 30 percent of my choice. I went to their camp two Thursdays ago (June 15). My recruiting coach, Chris Ash, has taught me a lot about playing safety. The coaches say I am the perfect size and fast enough to be a safety, while most wide receivers need to be taller than I am," he said. "Iowa State also said that if I go there, I can play both basketball and football in college.


"I'm a point guard on the AAU basketball team, and I scored 51 points in a school game--which became Oskalossa High School's new record. The University of Albany and the University of North Carolina-Wilmington have offered me scholarships to play basketball, but I would like the University of Northern Iowa to offer me," Sash said.


"I am waiting until right before my senior season starts to commit. All through July, I will be traveling the country with the AAU team. Maybe I'll pickup some extra scholarships. By August, I will be able to decide which sport I really want to play for a big conference in college. Right now it's 60 percent football and 40 percent basketball. No matter what, I only want to go to school in my home state, Iowa."


Final junior season stats: 920 yards rushing on 90 carries; 49 receptions for 1008 yards and 12 touchdowns; 28 total TDs.


Sash reports a 3.3 core GPA and takes his ACT in September.


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