CN's 2006 NBA Draft Preview

Will they get drafted? That's the big question for Will Blalock and Curtis Stinson tonight as their NBA futures will be decided in tonight's NBA Draft. CN caught up with Chris Monter, an NBA Draft expert from and talked about the ISU duo. Find out what he had to say and a whole lot more in CN's 2006 NBA Draft preview.

Chris Monter is an NBA draft analyst for Monter has both Curtis Stinson and Will Blalock ranked in his top 60 draft prospects after evaluating talent @ Orlando's pre-draft camp. You can read more from Chris Monter at



Williams: What have you seen and what do you project from Will Blalock?


Monter: He's an athletic PG. He played ok in Orlando but that did give his strongest showing. I see him going somewhere in the 2nd round. Again, the concerns that we have with a lot of PG's is that teams usually go big in the 2nd round rather than picking a small player.


I think that he's shown enough throughout his three years at Iowa State and how he played in Orlando to be a player that will go somewhere in that 2nd round.


Williams: Any specific teams that you've heard are interested in Will?


Monter: Not particularly. Obviously he's worked out for a lot of different teams so I would think that teams are interested in him for a reason.


Williams: What about Curtis Stinson? What do you see from him tonight?


Monter: Kind of the same thing. He's a player who I thought played the better of the two in Orlando. The big concern with him is that is he a PG, a SG? He's small for a SG at 6'3. He's not really a true PG. He's kind of a combo guard. Again, I think somewhere in the 2nd round he'll go.


Williams: Looking at it from what we know right now, was going pro early a positive decision for these two?


Monter: Waiting another year probably would have been better. Obviously the coaching change had a lot to do with that. The fact that they were bringing in coaches who didn't recruit them I think was a big part of it.


Based on how many kids ended up coming out, if they would have maybe looked into the situation and not signed agents, maybe they would have realized that now is a good chance to come back and work on some aspects of their games. They could find out what NBA people think of them and then maybe go back for one more year. I think that they were pretty much determined from the get go that they were going to the draft and they wanted to take their chances with whatever happened.



Other Projections has Blalock going to Orlando with the 41st pick. Yesterday, they had Blaylock going to Minnesota with the 37th pick. does not have Curtis Stinson listed. has Blalock going to Denver with the 49th pick and Stinson going to New Jersey with the 54th pick.



Be sure to tune in and support Curtis and Will tonight at 6 pm on ESPN.

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