Loyalty is a Factor for McFarland

It's become a known fact that Andre McFarland is a priority for the Iowa State coaching staff. McFarland is sitting on a handful of offers but he's getting some serious attention from a number of schools who have yet to pull the trigger. In this CN recruiting update, McFarland talks about why loyalty is important to him. Is he thinking about taking some visits? Get the scoop here at CN.

Andre McFarland has a slug of offers. He knows that he'll be playing big-time college basketball in the near future, but with a handful of other elite programs sniffing around McFarland, what will he do?


Will he wait, or will he go with a school that has been loyal from the beginning?


"They (Iowa State) were willing to offer me now. The reason why some schools weren't willing to offer me is because they probably saw holes in my game somewhere along the line," McFarland said.


"The reason that these schools have offered is because they are willing to work with me. It mean's a lot."


So who is McFarland currently talking to?


"I'm still talking to the same schools," McFarland said.


McFarland has received offers from Iowa State, Idaho, Ole Miss and Baylor. The schools currently talking to McFarland are Indiana, Oklahoma and Michigan.


Getting deeper into the summer, McFarland is starting to think about visits in the future.


"I haven't planned any visits yet. I'm not sure when I'll take my visits, but I will take them," McFarland said.


McFarland attended the Iowa State camp a few weeks ago but said that wasn't enough for him. He wants to see more of Iowa State.


"That was sort of an unofficial kind of deal. I'd want to go visit there."


McFarland is currently playing AAU ball for the Las Vegas Prospects. His current teammates include Iowa State commit, Craig Brackins and another Cyclone prospect, P'Allen Stinnett.


CN will keep you updated on the recruitment of Andre McFarland.

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