Straight Shots From Welch Ave.

In this weeks edition of Straight Shots From Welch Ave, Williams talks mens basketball recruiting and breaks down what happened yesterday at the Birdies for Love tournament in Pella, Iowa. Get the details here at CN.

When looking at some of these targets in the 2007 MBB recruiting class, it seriously reminds me of a kid in a video game store. So many options! Where do you go? That's a question that Greg McDermott and his staff have to be asking themselves as the middle of July nears.


Let's get everything straight here from the get go. There are currently five offers that are known at the time.


Jon Leuer

P'Allen Stinnett

Andre McFarland

Diante Garrett

Malcolm Delaney


When you break down these five players, you start to realize that some pretty deadly combinations can be put together, but one thing is for sure. Iowa State NEEDS a PG.


When this class comes to Ames, Iowa State will only have one true PG on the roster, that being Corey McIntosh.


Diante Garrett is a true, 6'4 PG who would fit in beautifully with Greg McDermott's system. McDermott once told me that the main thing he looks for in a PG is that he is a proven winner. Garrett's school is a traditional winner and at 6'4, he can take the wear and tear of the Big 12 night in and night out.


Let's be careful when looking at PG's though. Let's not alienate P'Allen Stinnett. He can play PG and he will get his chance if he comes to Iowa State, be sure of that. I like a PG with a lot of confidence, and Stinnett definitely brings that to the table. The biggest thing that I like about P'Allen is the fact that if he comes to Ames, he'll be here because he wants to be here, unlike many of our departures in the past few months. P'Allen is from Vegas. Sin City dude. He's not a farm boy from SW Iowa. He's from the most exciting city in the world. If this guy ends up in Ames, trust me, he wants to be here. How can you not like that?


Birdies for Love


Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the Birdies for Love golf tournament at the Bos Landen Resort in Pella, Iowa.


It was a different type of experience yesterday in Pella. For one, it was a blast, but everybody had Cris Love and his family on their minds. Cris's father made the trip all the way from Texas and what did he drive?


Cris's truck.


What did he play with?


Cris's clubs.


My heart goes out to Love Sr. and his family. His son was taken away from all of us, way too soon. But it had to be great for him to see all of Cris's former teammates, there supporting and remembering a great man, teammate, son, etc.


The turnout was great and a lot of money was raised. One neat thing that was done at the tournament was a player auction that was held before the tournament. What happened was that there were four or five Iowa State players, ISU Men's Golf Coach Jay Horton and Jeremy Lyons, a former ISU golfer and club pro.  Kyle Korver was also part of the auction.


Golfers could bid on these individuals to be on their team for the day.


Representing Iowa State was Austin Flynn, Bret Meyer, Ryan Kock, Ryan Baum and Ben Barkema.


Kock, Baum, Flynn and Barkema went early to random bidders. Then something happened.


Sage Rosenfels entered the picture. Rosenfels opened his huge NFL pocket in a great way purchasing the rights to play with both Korver and Meyer, forking out almost a grand to the Birdies for Love tournament.


So it was then time to hit the course. The CN team wasn't the most talented out there, but we had heart. Ok, we didn't really have THAT much heart but we tried. It consisted of Brent Blum, Jack Whitver, Ed Whitver (Jack's dad) and I.


We headed to hole number six to start the day. Thankfully, I didn't duff my first T shot. I did however lose seven balls on the day.


We played a solid front nine at one under par. We then laid an egg on the back, shooting a disappointing three over. We ended up with a 74 on the day, not bad, but not great considering its four man best ball.


At the end of the day, it didn't matter. What mattered was that a bunch of Cyclones were together remembering a fallen one of their own.


I never got to meet Cris Love, but one thing is for sure to me after yesterday's event. Cris Love touched a lot of people in his short life, and he will never be forgotten.

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