The All-McCarney Team

As Dan McCarney gets ready to field his 12th Iowa State football team, CN's Jack Whitver takes a look at the best players at each position under the longest tenured coach in the Big 12. While this is a very unscientific poll, we take into account several different factors, including statistics at ISU, NFL career, number of years starting for the Cyclones, and honors received by each player.

QB      Seneca Wallace

RB      Troy Davis

WR     Todd Blythe

WR     Lane Danielsen

FB      Ryan Kock

TE      Mike Banks

T        Oliver Ross

G        Ben Bruns

C        Pat Augafa

G        Lorenzo White

T        Tim Kohn


DE      Reggie Hayward

DT      James Reed

DT      Jordan Carstens

DE      Jason Berryman

LB       Tim Dobbins

LB       Michael Cooper

LB       Jeremy Loyd

CB      Ellis Hobbs

SS      Nik Moser

FS      Dustin Avey

CB      DeAndre Jackson


PK      Jamie Kohl

P        Carl Gomez

Ret     J.J. Moses



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