CCL - Dodie Loving Campus Life

One of the stars of this year's CCL has been Iowa State's very own Dodie Dunson. Dunson has averaged 24.8 PPG so far this season but a knee injury has hindered him for the past couple of weeks. Find out what Dodie has to say about his knee, campus life and his new teammates here in this CN Q&A with Dodie Dunson.

Q: You've got some pretty solid stats so far this summer. Talk about how the league has gone for you so far.


A: The league is going really well. It's a very competitive league. This is all new to me.


Q: What do you think about living in Iowa so far?


A: It's nice. I love it. It's definitely an adjustment from high school to college but I'm adjusting well.


Q: What about your new teammates?


A: They are great teammates. I'm meeting people from all over and getting to know new people. I'm starting to get used to everybody.


Q: What's it been like playing against Rahshon Clark?


A: He's our go guy to get us going. He's the most athletic player on our team I think. He's going to be one of the guys who will lead us.


Q: What do you think about Wesley Johnson so far? He's gotten a lot of pub so far this summer.


A: He plays well. He plays hard and he's really athletic. He's really long. He plays solid defense.


Q: Some people are comparing him to Rahshon, do you see a little bit of a comparison there?


A: I do see that. Us three were talking the other day, and Rahshon told Wes that he reminds him of himself when he was younger, so I'd say so.


Q: One thing that I know a lot of fans are looking for you to do is knock down some 3-pointers. You've proven you can do that this summer, talk about your confidence in your 3-point ball.


A: Well it's just a matter of confidence in shooting it. I want to constantly shoot it. Hopefully it goes in.


Q: Does playing in this league really make you look forward to next season?


A: It does.


Q: What about fans? Have you had the opportunity to talk to many Iowa State fans this summer?


A: I haven't talked to many but I'm starting to notice them quite a bit.


Q: So you're moved in already up in Ames?


A: Yes, that's right.


Q: Are you taking some summer classes?


A: Yes I'm taking two summer classes.


Q: How is campus life so far?


A: It's great! I love it.


Q: So what's going on tonight, why aren't you playing?


A: A knee injury. I've been out for two weeks but I'll be back on Sunday for the playoffs.



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