Straight Shots From Welch Ave.

So the big billboard is FINALLY up in eastern Iowa. Is this quality smack or a cheap shot by ISU? Find out what CN's publisher Chris Williams thinks about the billboard issue in this weeks edition of Straight Shots From Welch Ave.

So the big billboard is finally up over there in Hawkeye Country. It's about time. This thing has gotten more play in the past few months than Carmen Elektra last night after the ESPY's.


Now Hawkeye fans, I know you're upset. That has to be humiliating. Heck, I'd be upset if you put something of that nature north of Des Moines on I-35. I'd be upset, but I'd be game. You know why? Two reasons – 1) I love smack 2) I love drama. The two go hand in hand.


That's what this is all about. It has nothing to do with the players on the field as much as you want to make it out to be about them. It's for the fans. It's not like this was Bret Meyer's idea. It's for building up hype. It's for getting the Cyclone brand in the news. It's done exactly that.


So what if Iowa State goes to Kinnick and lays a big fat egg this year? Does that defeat the purpose of this billboard?


No it doesn't. You see Iowa State can lose this year by 50 points and the point of the billboard will still have been accomplished. It's gotten Iowa State in the news and that's that.


I know Hawk fans are upset and I'm not trying to sound arrogant, but it's not like Pollard created this billboard after winning one game. Iowa State has controlled this series in the past eight years. That is a fact.


Sure, Iowa is the national power and has gone to New Years Day bowl games, which Iowa State fans would give anything for, but the scores of the actual games cannot be argued.


To both Hawks and Clones, let's be honest. This is FUN. Hawk fans, you love being able to take shots at Clones in the middle of July. That spoof billboard about ISU being a mediocre program is CLASSIC. That's good smack, and I can handle that.


Clones, don't you love being about to gloat about 6 of 8 and the billboard all summer? You're a liar if you don't.


I have an uncle who is a diehard Hawkeye, and I about made him cry a few weeks ago rubbing this in his face. It's fun. It's a game, let's treat it like that.


Look at it this way. I remember when I was growing up in middle school and high school, where the rivalry was a joke. You couldn't even call it a rivalry. Now it's big time. It's getting ESPN.


The fans treat it like its big time too.


Hawk fans, if you're ticked about the billboard, I feel for you. I really do, but remember, it's all in fun.


Clones, if you're ticked about the billboard (which I'm sure none of you are), then you need to let loose a little bit. Unbutton your collar, put your chair back and have a cold one. Lighten up.


Have some fun, because that's what September 16 is going to be, regardless of who wins. It's going to be a blast!


I can't wait, can you?


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