Bates: "I'm a Cyclone for Life"

Phillip Bates is the first member of Iowa State's 07 recruiting class but Bates is much more than just that. He's also a primary recruiter for the Cyclones. In this conversation that CN had with Bates, the star QB talks about everything from the camps he's attended to Jordan Bernstine. Check it out right here only at CN.

CN: I know that you've been a busy guy this summer going around to a lot of camps. Tell me a little bit about how your summer is going for you.


Bates: It's been great actually. I went to USC, Arizona State, Iowa State, Nebraska and Notre Dames. It's been a lot of fun. I've been taking all of these trips just to get better. Everybody knows that I'm always going to be a Cyclone. I just wanted to take some trips and learn some more stuff.


CN: Do you feel that your game has improved a lot?


Bates: Oh yes. I've really been working on footwork and all of that. It's helped me a lot.


CN: What is the one thing about your game heading into your senior season that you really need to work on a lot before you can play in the Big 12?


Bates: I would have to say footwork. You always have to work on your footwork. The Big 12 is a great conference with a lot of great teams. You really have to work on footwork and being a leader, everything like that.


CN: Speaking of being a leader, I've heard that you've already assumed a leadership position by doing a little recruiting for the Cyclones while you've been on the road. How is that going for you and do you think the Clones will have a shot at any of these guys because you've talked to them?


Bates: I talk to Jordan Bernstine quite a bit, me and him are pretty cool. I don't know where he's going but I talk to all sorts of guys. The last person who I talked to was Alex Sandvig.


CN: That must of worked because he committed right after camp. Talk a little bit about him because he had a lot of great things to say about you and how much he liked working with you at camp.


Bates: Man, Alex is the coolest dude I've ever met. When I hang out with him, we just talk basically about football and everything. When I played with him at camp, that was my main target right there. He's fast and he's really quick. He gets off the ball really quick.


CN: When you come in next year, there will be one heck of a battle for QB position. When you look at a guy like Austen Arnaud, does that challenge you a little bit knowing that he'll be here?


Bates: Oh yes, it will be a challenge for me. I don't expect him to think that he has the job and I know that he doesn't expect me to come in and take the job. It's just competition. I know Austen and he's a cool guy. We're really cool.


CN: What is your relationship with him like?

Bates: It's cool. I either come to Ames or he comes to Omaha. We have a good time. When we get on the field, it will be a challenge because everybody wants to play.


CN: What will it be like taking the field against Nebraska for the first time?


Bates: Oh man, it's going to be amazing. I don't know how the crowd will react. Both of my parents used to go to Nebraska. Mom said that she is going to wear a half and half shirt. I don't know, it's going to be exciting for me playing in Lincoln.


CN: What about this year, are you going be in Ames for the big game?


Bates: I think I will take my visit on that day, so I'll be up in Ames for that one.


CN: You'll be wearing Cyclone colors right?


Bates: Oh yeah, I'm a Cyclone for life.




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