Straight Shots From Welch Ave.

In this weeks edition of Straight Shots From Welch Ave., CN's publisher Chris Williams breaks down the possibility of Michael Jordan's son ending up in Ames. Find out what Williams thinks about this story here in his weekly column.

Imagine this…


The setting is Hilton Coliseum…the year is 2010…


PA Announcer: And now…the starting lineup for YOUR…Iowa State Cyclones. At forward, standing 6'9, junior Craig Brackins.  At forward, a 6'7 senior, Wesley Johnson. The man in the middle, standing 6'10, a junior, Jon Leuer. At guard, a 6'2 junior, P'Allen Stinnett. And…at guard, standing 6'6, a junior Jeffrey Joooordan….


Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well, it kind of is, but I can dream can't I?


Earlier this week I reported that Iowa State is recruiting Michael Jordan's son, Jeffrey to Iowa State as a bit of a backup plan if some other guards decided against coming to Ames.


The key word to that sentence was backup, but to this Bulls fan, it's still an exciting story.


Even though it is a backup plan, to me, this has the potential to be one of the biggest stories in the history of this fine institution. That's no hyperbole.


First of all, I'll start off at what the pessimists will say.


They will say that we shouldn't bring him in just because he is Michael Jordan's son.


They will say that bringing him to Iowa State would be more of a distraction than a positive and last but not least, I've even heard that MJ would cause trouble forcing his child to play.


If you say any of those things, you are wrong. Dead wrong. Here's why.




Why shouldn't we bring him in because he's Michael Jordan's son should be the question. The fact that his dad is the greatest player ever to play the game should be an immediate upside to any school taking a look at Jeffrey. It's often said that to see what a boy will be like in his older years, look at his father. If his father is a class act, then the boy will more than likely be one as well. I'm not saying that Jeffrey will grow up to be the second coming, but at least we'll know that we're getting a class kid with a great work ethic and good family values.


It would bring more of a distraction? Hardly. If you call every major news outlet in America, a sold out Hilton and jersey sales up the ying yang a distraction, then you're crazy. Imagine the possibilities here. Iowa State could sell jerseys with the number 23 and the name Jordan on the back. MJ, the greatest player to every play the game would be sitting courtside at Hilton.


Hold on one second… bad, I had to get rid of my GOOSEBUMPS.


So you think that MJ would apply force on the coaching staff to get his kid in the game? If you think that, then you obviously haven't watched the same Michael Jordan I've watched in my lifetime, who is the most competitive person I've ever seen. If that type of crap was going on or going to go on for that matter, Jeffrey would have a few more offers at this point.


In the end, we need to think about what is best for the kid at this point. Unfortunately, wherever Jeffrey Jordan ends up, a media circus will follow. Not because of Jeffrey, but because of who is father is.


While I've gotten you all excited, the chances of Jeffrey actually ending up at Iowa State probably aren't very strong. There is a chance, but not a good one. That's unfortunate for us Bulls fans who also love the Cyclones.


If you're like me, you don't care how good Jeffrey Jordan is. You care about the Jordan name being a part of the Iowa State family. If you ask me, that would be pretty special.

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