Exclusive: Davie Impressed by McCarney

This morning CN had the chance to sit down and talk one on one to ESPN college football analyst Bob Davie. In this exclusive CN feature, find out what Davie had to say about the job that Dan McCarney has done during his tenure at Iowa State.

When you walk around the Big 12 media days, you run into a lot of people besides players and coaches. Today I had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with former Notre Dame head coach and current ESPN color analyst Bob Davie.


Davie, like the majority of the national media I've talked to in KC, has an extremely high appreciation of the job that Dan McCarney has done at Iowa State.


"On a national level, he might be under the radar a little bit, but not from people in the industry that know. Dan McCarney is a heck of a football coach and he's a survivor. He's survived a lot of things," Davie told CN on Tuesday morning.


In recent years, McCarney constantly hears that his program needs to get to the next level. According to Davie, that's a very positive thing.


"That's a good thing. That means that he's got it on a solid foundation and that people want more. There were a bunch of years where people didn't necessarily want more," Davie said.


Davie told me, that McCarney should expect that.


 "Now he's got it to the point where there are expectations and that's fair. Dan will be the first one to tell you that's fair," Davie said.


On a personal level, the two go back all the way to when McCarney was coaching at Wisconsin.


"I've known Dan for a long time, even when he was an assistant for Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin. I've got tremendous respect for him. He's done an unbelievable job at Iowa State," Davie said.


McCarney's never say never attitude has rubbed off on everybody, including Davie.


"He is a remarkable guy with tremendous energy. He always has a great, positive outlook on things. He's always been the same to me. He's an up-tempo guy who is one heck of a football coach," Davie said.


Though Davie has never called an Iowa State game, he truly was impressed with the direction this program has taken in the past few years.


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