Cutting it Up in Ames

DeAndre Jackson was named a preseason first team all-conference conference cornerback by the Big 12 media. That's a pretty impressive feat for any football player, but when asked what he would be doing if it weren't for football, Jackson's answer may surprise you. Get the scoop here and find out what Jackson had to say to reporters in this CN media day report.

When you ask most college football players what they want would want to do if they weren't playing football, most of them usually say they'd want to be a coach or a broadcaster or something that keeps them near the game.


That's not the case for preseason 1st team All-Big 12 cornerback DeAndre Jackson.


"I probably would be trying to cut hair. I'd try to be a barber. My daddy's a barber," Jackson told reporters at the Big 12 media day.


One thing is for sure, with his 4.5 speed, Jackson would be the fastest barber in the Midwest.


"He wants to cut it all off," Jackson said referring to his father's opinions of his current hair style.


As for Jackson's goatee, Jackson said his dad would definitely want to trim it up.  


Luckily for Iowa State fans, Jackson is concentrating on football, not hair styling while in college.


"I don't cut hair; we have a couple guys on the team who do. Jon Banks cuts hair. Tony Yelk did that too. I'll let Banks cut my hair and I think I let Yelk cut it once. Steve Johnson cut my hair," Jackson said.


Jackson grew up in Garland, Texas so the switch to living in Ames was a big adjustment. But Jackson has loved every minute of it.


"Ames has been pretty cool. It's very relaxing. It's a nice college town," Jackson said. "Ames makes you really get close to people, which is a good thing. Where I come from, I never got close to people. I never really trusted anybody. I never ran into anybody with open arms but everybody has open arms in Iowa."


Jackson's transition to life in Iowa became easier this summer when his brother, Devin McDowell, reported to Iowa State as a freshman for the Cyclones. Ames already felt like home to Jackson, but now it's even more special.


"It's going to make me a lot more comfortable and a lot more relaxed. I used to call my mom all of the time to see how things were going and get that feeling. Ever since by brother came here, my mom doesn't complain about me calling home too much. It just makes it feel more like home," Jackson said.


Jackson said that his little brother is doing well since he got to Ames, he just needs to eat more.


"He's very positive and he's hungry. He's got to get his weight up and things like that. We need to get him eating more. Other than that, he's doing very good."


Devin, like all freshmen, will be living in the dorms during his freshman season, but Jackson plans on watching over his little brother like a hawk.


"I watch out for him and look out for him."


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