Center of Attention

With several departing Big 12 QB's, it was Bret Meyer under center in the media spotlight. After being named as the 1st team all-confernce quarterback, Meyer was the focus of much of the attention at the Big 12 media days. Find out how he is handling it all, right here at CN.

When Bret Meyer arrived at last year's Big 12 media day, he was completely overshadowed by the media spotlight focused on Texas' Vince Young, Texas A&M's Reggie McNeal, and Missouri's Brad Smith. Fast forward a year, 2876 yards and 19 touchdowns later and it was Meyer who was the center of attention.


Being tabbed as the pre-season Big 12 conference first team quarterback is a big distinction and tends to draw a crowd.


But Meyer isn't fazed by the added media intensity.


"I'm going to have higher expectation than anybody has for me. I'm never going to be complacent with myself or how I've played in the past," Meyer said.


As Meyer is willing to point out he is only 14-12 as the starting quarterback. There is plenty of work to be done.


"There's always some regrets playing. The thing I did was look back and see on the plays that I could have changed the game, did I do what I was coached to do? Did I take care of my responsibility? If the answer was no then I went back to the fundamentals, whether it was looking off a safety or throwing an interception. I looked at situations and break them down and see what I could have done differently," Meyer said.


One of the things he would love to have back is the several missed opportunities at the end of games. Three times ISU went into overtime, and three times they came out with a loss. Meyer said that has to change.


"We just got to be finishers. Once you get ahead of somebody you just have to punish them and finish them. We just have to be better in closing games.  We have to run the ball better and if you have a big 3rd down, you got to step up and make a play."


For as good as numbers as Meyer displayed last season and the confidence he had in leading the offense, he has two years to become an even better quarterback. He said the learning never stops.


"The biggest thing for me is my release has gotten a lot quicker. That's something when I first got here, I knew I had to fix. My feet, my footwork, the speed of my drops has gotten better. Something I'm trying to work on is my arm strength. You watch quarterbacks in the NFL, how hard they throw the ball. Just trying on working on throwing the ball hard every time," Meyer said.


With 10 returning starters on offense and multiple weapons willing to catch Meyer's deliveries, Meyer said this offense is on the verge of being special.


"I feel like we have the potential to be the best in the conference, it's a matter of going out and doing it," Meyer said.


But for now, Meyer could give a rip about the attention. He just wants to show his stuff between the lines.


"The only thing I rate myself against the other quarterbacks is to be better on game day. It feels good to be recognized a little bit and get some respect but the biggest thing for me is being better than the other team's quarterback on game day," Meyer said.


With the first game day only a month away, the Cyclone signal caller is tired of the pre-season forecasting.


"I'm just trying to get better, I'm not going to look too far ahead. As far as I'm looking ahead is next Tuesday when we start camp," Meyer said.


Dan McCarney brought Meyer, DeAndre Jackson, and Scott Stephenson out to Arrowhead Stadium on their way back from the media day festivities. They hope to make a return trip in early December.


"It's definitely a fun stadium to play in, that's where we want to be at," Meyer said.


Cyclone fans wouldn't mind the short trip either.


"There is a lot of anticipation and I'm ready for it. That's what you want as a player to have the fans excited. I can't wait," Meyer said.  

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