Luke's Top 5 - 06 Looking Bright

Are you ready for football? Former Iowa State team captain and CN staff writer Luke Vander Sanden is. This week, in Luke's weekly top 5 list Vander Sanden gives his top 5 reasons for a great year in 2006. Check it out here only at CN!

  1. Jamie Pollard's vision and presence.


-Jamie Pollard will be a factor in the Cyclones' success this fall.  He has a stingy vision that only asks for success.  He seems to be a master motivator, and that will Coach Dan McCarney's style is quite the combination.  Look no further than to the lofty renovations to Jack Trice Stadium.  Time is overdue that this stadium starts to look like a big time stadium, but that can't happen without the Cyclone Boosters, and fans providing support to get this project done the right way.  More seating = more fans = more excitement = better atmosphere on game days! 



  1. Leadership.


-The Cyclone Football coaching staff is a tremendous group of coaches that all have had their successes and pitfalls along their journeys to Iowa State, as well as at Iowa State.  I believe that Dan McCarney is one of the most underrated coaches in the country, and I promise you that no one works harder than this guy.  With the leadership of Coach Mac, the Cyclones will be successful this year.  He will not let the same thing that happened to the Clones two years in a row.  When there is a will….there is a way…and Coach Mac will pave the way!


  1. Potent Offense


-With the combination of Bret Meyer, Todd Blythe, Austin Flynn, a healthy Stevie Hicks, and five veterans up front under the leadership of the "nasty" play off Scott Stephenson, this group will be hard to stop.  The only thing I see is playmakers after playmakers around the horn.  Then you throw in Harris in the backfield and there's a 1-2 punch.  I guarantee he has gotten last year out of his mind, and is ready to redeem himself and produce.  The offense must carry the team until the defense has found the replacements and produced some rhythm.


  1. Cyclone Crazies


-Number four on the list is titled "Cyclone Crazies" for a reason.  Cyclone fans can be the best when they want to be.  Pack Jack Trice occurred against Colorado the last game of the season during a tornado.  I have faith that Cyclone fans will pack Jack Trice Stadium each and every game.  It has to be an atmosphere that other teams hate.  Loud all the time when the "D" is out there, and throw in some hostility from Cyclone fans, and we got the train going.  I firmly believe that a team is only as good as its last game, but the same goes for the fans.  Let's make a difference for Cyclone Football and provide some craziness at Jack Trice!  Let's help by screaming each time the "D" is out there and pack Jack Trice each time the Clones take the field this year!!


  1. Tradition and Vision


-Last on the list is tradition and vision for Cyclone Football success this fall.  The Cyclones under Dan McCarney have built a solid foundation and have built tradition at Iowa State, and you can see that in the fans too!  The Cyclone fans don't want to go to the Independence Bowl year after year.  They want bigger and better things.  Well, the same goes for the coaches and players alike.  The tradition has been planted by Coach McCarney and his staff.  Their vision is like every other team in the conference.  Win ball games to get to Kansas City for the title game.  I promise you that now!  And what a better way to get there with the tough schedule.  I would rather get to the Big XII title game playing a tough schedule with the best of the best versus playing a pancake schedule!  One play at a time, one practice at a time, one series at a time, one game at a time…Let's do our part as fans to make this "vision" reality, and the coaches and players WILL do their part!

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