Davis Continues to Impress the Coach

Day two of Iowa State football practice took place on Thursday in the fields just north of Jack Trice Stadium and it was also the second day of the return of a "medical phenom" according to Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney. Get the details here in this CN practice report.

Jon Davis, who tore his Achilles tendon during spring football practiced with the team on the first day of practice Wednesday and McCarney couldn't have been more impressed. Davis isn't just getting by; he's matching his conditioning times.

"I was amazed. To go out and run a 200 or 300 yard shuttle and make your conditioning time is phenomenal. He is a medical phenom," McCarney said before practice on Thursday."

So how hard is Davis going to go in these practices? Not too hard according to McCarney.

"We are not going to overdo anything, but he had an individual workout and got in on the 7-on-7. Obviously he isn't ready to go out and scrimmage and he isn't ready for Toledo today, but we are going to increase his workload each day and hopefully have him ready for the opener. Months ago and even weeks ago I didn't think there was any chance of that, but I'd sure hate to sell him short right now," McCarney said.

Coaches can't tell a whole lot after a day of practice but McCarney did comment on what he picked up after the first day.

"Well you see who has ball skills. You see who has concentration. You see who's learning the system that we're installing right now. You see who's in shape and who's not because it's a real good 24-period tempo. One of the things that we hear from people who come watch our practices, be it NFL coaches, college coaches or parents of the kids that we have in the program is that we have a real good tempo at practice. We started that way and you finish strong and that's how you build a team," McCarney said.

Even though the team isn't going at it in full pads yet, the Cyclones are moving at full pace and getting a lot accomplished.

"Yes, we are. We start out with walk-through in some of the earlier periods, but once we get through some flexing and the clock and first period starts, it's full speed without contact and without banging people. We want a great tempo and we try and run lots and lots and lots of plays and get a game-like tempo in the practice structure," McCarney said.

Wednesday was the first day of practice for a lot of new Cyclones and McCarney was confident in how his newcomers looked. In fact, McCarney commented on how the learning curve might be easier than it was in the past.

 "It's easier for them than it was in the past, in that a majority of this newcomer class has been here for much of the summer. Even though we couldn't meet with them or practice with them, they're comfortable because they feel like Cyclones. They're part of the family; they've been here running and lifting, earning respect and credibility from their teammates. I like this class. The people that picked them tenth or eleventh or twelfth in the Big 12 in recruiting watch these guys over the next few years. This is going to be a real good future class of Cyclones."


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