Cyclones Pad Up on Day Three

According to the NCAA, day three of practice means that college teams can pad up and that's exactly what Iowa State did on Friday. Find out what Coach McCarney had to say about it here in this CN practice report.

Day three of Iowa State football practice took place on Friday and the heat is most definitely beginning to pick up before Saturday's media day. Today, the team padded up and evaluations from the coaching staff really began to pick up steam.

"The first two days, by NCAA rules, were just shorts. Today is the first day with shoulder pads and helmets, so we will find out more and can evaluate everyone a little more. We aren't taking guys to the ground, it isn't a scrimmage, but obviously it's a lot livelier. You can find out a lot more and teach the guys a lot more when you have shoulder pads and helmets on,"  head coach Dan McCarney told reporters on Friday.

As for the first two days, McCarney has been happy about his team's progress.

"Well, I think we have gotten a lot done. We are throwing so much at them and there is so much installation of schemes on both sides of the ball. But the newcomers are picking it up really fast. We are throwing it at them and they are real consciences. We are getting as much extra meeting time and walk-through time as you can during two-a-days and it is paying off," McCarney said.

McCarney also talked about how time is of the essence with his football team.

"When it is just 27 days until kick-off you can't spoon-feed or slowly give them information. We just have to throw it at them and it is their responsibility to learn.  We ask our kids to help each other and coach each other, don't stand in the back and screw around while a play is being run. Get the call, listen, lock in, learn, communicate, talk to your teammates, ask questions from your coaches and you will have a chance to improve," McCarney said.

Normally, the heat is an issue at this time of the preseason. This year though, it hasn't been too bad according to McCarney.

"Our hydration plan here is as good as any that I have ever been around and every time you turn around you have a trainer right there with a bottle of water. (The players) weigh in and weigh out every day, and they are very precise on keeping track of how much weight they lose each day and how much fluid they have to replace, so it just isn't much of a problem. But we are very smart about it and we don't take anything for granted and under (ISU head trainer) Mark Coberley's this is as good as it gets in college football or the NFL," McCarney said.


Iowa State's media day takes place on Saturday and it will be followed by an autograph session from 3-4 pm in the Bergstrom Practice Facility.

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