Austen Arnaud: Q&A

Find out what the Iowa High School Gatorade Player of the Year has to say about his first week as a Cyclone. Also, hear his thoughts on the chance he sees the field during his freshman year.

Blum: I saw you up at the Shrine Game playing well, talk about your experience:


Arnaud: "It was definitely an honor, all those kids like Zac (Sandvig) and Ben Lamaak, playing with a lot of good players. The transition to college is a lot different, a lot faster. So, it was definitely good to have those pads on for 10 days before I came out here with the conditioning factor to see where I'm at.


Blum: How good of shape are you in, Mac said you were up to 219?


Arnaud: "214, C'mon coach (laughs)."


Blum: Are you Big 12 ready?


Arnaud: I've got a ways to go, I've got to learn the playbook first. I've only been here for a little bit. For me, it's just learning the playbook as fast as I can and getting my checks down and everything like that.


Blum: Right now you are 3rd on the depth chart, will you redshirt and what have they told you?


Arnaud: They haven't told me anything. Once I get into camp and get into two-a-days on Tuesday, hopefully they'll have a better implications of what I'll be doing. I'm just trying to learn as fast as I can.


Blum: Would you prefer to redshirt and get a year to learn the system or get on the field right away?


Arnaud: It doesn't matter what I prefer, it matters what Coach Mac prefers.


Blum: What has been the most difficult adjustment in the first few practices?


Arnaud: I know everyone says the speed, but for me it was the size. My offensive lines at Ames was about averaging 6 foot, 185. Now I've got guys like Matt Hubert who is 6'9, guys that are just much bigger and stronger. It's different seeing over the top of them. Speed and size are both big factors in the transition.


Blum: What's it like learning from Bret Meyer?


Arnaud: I learn a lot from Bret. He's watching all the time, just like Coach Fitch. If I do something wrong, he'll help me, he'll let me know and that's definitely beneficial for me to ahev him there telling me what I'm doing wrong, so I can get it right like him.


Blum: Have you gone to Bret a lot for advice?


Arnaud: Yea, I'll go up questions about what's going on in this play or that play, and if I did something wrong with my foot work, I go to him to see what is right. Because I'm not going to be able to talk to Coach Fitch right away. So it's great having Bret there.


Blum: Do you feel any extra pressure being the local kid and having people look up to you:


Arnaud: There's always pressure, especially if you are from the hometown. But I'm just going to take it as it comes.


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