Kenton Walker: Gaining Popularity

Kenton Walker is one popular man in the state of California. After picking up an Iowa State offer last week, Walker was offered by Pitt on Wednesday night. With all of this recent attention, where does Walker stand with ISU? What ISU recruit could possibly attract Walker to Iowa State? Get all of the answers here at CN for the absolute best coverage of MBB recruiting around.

Kenton Walker was once considered a sleeper prospect in the class of 2007. Walker is anything but that now as the summer is coming to an end. In the past two weeks, he's picked up arguably his two most high profile offers as of yet.


It started off last week as Walker picked up an offer from Iowa State and his former AAU coach and current Iowa State assistant coach, T.J. Otzelberger. Then, on Wednesday night, Walker told CN that he just received an offer from Big East power Pitt.


"I wasn't expecting that. I just got home from hanging out with my friends and my mom told me that. That was amazing that I got offered by them," Walker told CN about his offer from Pitt.


Walker now currently holds offers from Cal, San Diego State, Iowa State, Pitt, Creighton and USC.


So what does Iowa State have going for them in the race for Kenton Walker? Plenty. As mentioned before in this story, Otzelberger has coached Walker before so a solid relationship between Otzelberger and Walker's family already exists.


But most importantly of all, Walker is a former teammate and current good friend of Iowa State commit and one of the top prospects in the entire country, Craig Brackins.


"I know somebody who goes there. Craig Brackins is going there and it would be nice to play for him and under Coach Otzelberger," Walker said about Iowa State. "The year that Craig played for the Pumps, I was on the younger team. I was always watching his games and he would always come to mine. We were really close and our moms know each other. We both like each other a lot and we're really good friends."


While the Pitt offer was a surprise to Walker, the Iowa State one was somewhat expected by Walker after talking to his former, and possibly future coach.


"I had a feeling that offer would come by the way he was talking to me on the phone. It sounded like he was going to offer me," Walker said.


Walker has never been to Ames, Iowa, but he did say that Iowa State is one of the schools that he plans on visiting in the future.


"I think I'm going to take a visit there (Iowa State) because they are rebuilding their entire program and starting out fresh. It would be nice to go there," Walker said.


One thing is for sure about the recruitment of Kenton Walker. He's ready to make a decision, the right school just needs to stick its head out above the rest.


"I would like to get it off of my chest right now but I really don't have one."


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