Austin Flynn:Cyclone Godfather

CN talked with Austin Flynn about being the old man in the Cyclone program and also discussed the reasoning behind his number change. All that and some football stuff too in this Q&A.

Blum: How does feel to be a leader of the receivers?


Flynn: It's something I take a lot of pride in and as a senior I want to be a leader of the group and get this season going the way it should.


BB: How do you feel about double coverage on Blythe?


AF: It'd be nice every once in a while to get a couple balls thrown my way. Having a receiver like Blythe, gives a lot of guys opportunities, like myself. I probably shouldn't have been catching as many balls as I did. If you roll two guys over the top on him, Bret's going to find the open guy every time and I was the lucky one out of the group.


BB: Are you guys a tight-nit group?


AF: We have a good time together. I guess we're the goof-off group in a way. We've been together for a little bit now and J.D. (Jon Davis) is a senior now, he's been there for five years, so we have a good time together. Trust me.


BB: Do you feel like the old man with Tony Yelk gone?


AF: (Laughs)No. You have to talk to Walker Scott about that one. I think he's about 28 now. He's the Godfather you could say.


BB: Talk about the young guys like Euseph (Messiah) and Marquise (Hamilton) that could make you guys even better?


AF: I think that's the big thing is we have the most depth. Euseph, Marquise, Milan Moses is back, it's something we take a lot of pride in, catching every ball. Those guys really stepped up this spring to improve their game, they're starting to understand it a little bit. We're going to be pretty good I think.


BB: Are there enough balls to go around? Has anybody gone T.O. yet?


AF: No there's not (enough balls), but it's good for us. It's good competition. It's not to a point where one of us has the job and we can relax, we really have to push each other and compete. And those guys are really pushing the starters right now and we feel it's very healthy for us.


BB: How many guys could catch balls this fall?


AF: We could at least have eight. Which I think is good. We always have fresh legs out there and take advantage of it.


BB: What do you do to break down the Big 12 North door?


AF: Make plays. You make a couple more plays when it really counts, and that's when you crack the Big 12 North. I guess that's the thing, we've been knocking on the door, we just need someone to step up and say I'm going to take control and take Iowa State to new heights. I'd love to be that guy this year.


BB: Are you counting down the days left in your career?


AF: Yea, it shouldn't be that way, but I think it is. As a red-shirt freshman you think you have a lot of time left, and as a senior you sit here and think "Gah-lee, I don't." But that's the nature of humans.


BB: Why'd you change back to #8?


AF: Well, I've had such bad success with #8, and such great success with #13, I said I've got to give #8 a shot again. Maybe it's just a single digit thing and maybe #13 is lucky. But I told Troy (Troy Jepsen, director of equipment operations) that he better keep #13 on reserve, because if I drop 4 or 5 balls, I'm switching right back.


BB: Are you trying to help your jersey sales?


AF: I'm not worried about that. They sell #1 and #7 all the time anyway. (Laughs)


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