Practice Report: Mac on position battles

After two weeks in camp, some questions remain as to who will get the starting nod come the Toldeo game. Mac updates the latest battles, including one that involves Bret Culbertson.

Solid Day of Work


"We went full pads this morning, half past this afternoon. Real good physical run emphasis this morning and pass emphasis this afternoon. We continued to evaluate players all over the field, trying to make decisions in every kicking situation. We've been in camp a long time and even though we've got some tired bodies and some tired legs, and some worn out minds every once in a while, I thought they were pretty sharp today. I asked them to come up with a little more enthusiasm, a little more spirit, more passion this afternoon and they responded and came back and had good work this afternoon."


Position Battles-


Offensive Line

"There's not a lot of them right now. There's one offensive lineman position and maybe two that we are trying to decide, and we're going to try and do that by the end of the week."



"Nothing has changed at quarterback, we've got a good race going on at #2."


Running Back

"We're using all of those young running backs, to see who will back up Stevie Hicks, now that we've moved Jason (Harris) over to defense. And we're looking at Jason both as a SAM backer and as a safety. Teach him both positions because there is some carry-over there."


Tight End

"At tight end, we're just trying to find out who are third one is, between (Brandon) Tinlin and Derrick (Catlett)."


Wide Receivers

"Jon Davis is getting more work, he hasn't been in a scrimmage yet but he's getting into more group work, more 7 on 7, more full speed stuff. I'm really pleased with his progress so I wouldn't rule him out of Toledo yet."


Defensive Line

"Defensive line, we've had some guys injured in there, some guys nicked, so it's hard to say who the starter is. I don't know the starting four, but I know Moorehead and Curvey are both starters and they've missed some time, nothing serious at all. It's hard to get continuity right now because we've had guys in and out on defense. But the work has been real strong."



"We're working both Bret Culbertson and Chris Mahoski at PAT/field goals and kick-offs. Right now Shags(Culbertson) has the edge at PAT/field goals and Mahoski has the edge at kick-offs, but we've got four or five other kickers who will join us on Monday and we will take a look at them."


Punt Return

"Drenard Williams is doing a real good job, he popped one back the other day for a touchdown when we were thuddin' up high and hard. But the most consisten guys are still Baum and Sumrall and if we were playing tomorrow we would go with one of those two. We're going to let them battle it out, but it sure would be fun to see #7 (Williams) out there if we decide to play him this year in a situation where we've got it wrapped up, so there's not a lot of pressure on him. He's got the skills and abilities and he's got the juice."


Wednesday's Practice

"We're not going to scrimmage, we're going to bring the officials out and get into all kinds of game situations. We talked about it long and hard and we're not going to scrimmage. Frankly, there's not much difference in the front seven on defense and in the offensive line and tight-ends when you go high and hard and thud (instead of scrimmaging) What we're not going to do is take the backs and receivers and quarterbacks down to the ground. So it will still be some good physical work. We'll try and get a lot of work that way."    

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