Garrett Sets Unofficial to ISU

The pressure is building for the targets of the 07 MBB recruiting class. With more offers being handed out everyday, time is becoming scarce for many ISU targets, including 6'4 Wisconsin PG Diante Garrett. In this CN MBB recruiting feature, CN talks recruiting with Dick Garrett, the father of Diante Garrett.

It's now official that 6'4 Wisconsin PG Diante Garrett will be visiting Iowa State unofficially on August 26th, just five days before Melvin Goins will be in Ames on August 31.


"We're going to make an unofficial to Iowa State on the 26th of this month. We're going to go there and visit with Coach (Greg) McDermott and T.J. (Otzelberger)," said Diante's father, Dick Garrett.


Garrett still lists Iowa State, Clemson, UNLV, Marquette and Virginia as favorites, but the timing of the Iowa State visit appears to be favorable towards the Cyclones in this recruiting battle.


"Right now those are at the top of the list. There are others. I don't count anybody out," Dick Garrett said.


No longer on the list is Xavier, who Garrett said has dropped out of contention for his son.


So will a commitment follow the Garrett's visit on the 26th? According to Diante's father, probably not, due to the importance of the decision in Diante's lifelong future.  


"I kind of doubt it. This is a big decision that will affect the rest of his life. I want him to be comfortable where he's going and who he'll be playing with," Garrett said.


Though he doesn't expect his son to commit on the visit, Garrett did say that he'd feel very comfortable sending his son to Ames.


"I would be comfortable (sending his son to Iowa State). I like the staff. They are courteous. I think they have shown the most interest of anybody involved over an extended period of time. I really have a lot of respect for T.J. and Coach McDermott. We are looking forward to visiting up there," Garrett said.


With Goins visiting Ames on the 31st, one can read into the fact that Garrett might need to act soon to make sure that a scholarship is available if he chooses Iowa State, though it is possible that the staff would take both PG's considering one (Goins) is 5'11 and one (Garrett) stands at 6'4. Both players can do different things on the court and with Corey McIntosh being the only PG who will be on the roster, depth will be needed at the position.


Though the pressure to commit is there, Garrett doesn't feel like it's affecting his ‘laid back' son.


"He probably has (felt the pressure of recruiting) but he hasn't said too much. The process is sort of relentless, so to speak. I don't think he has felt much pressure because Diante's personality is such that he is pretty laid back. I don't think that he feels any pressure at this point on having to commit to somebody right away. He just takes it in stride," Garrett said.


The Garrett's don't have a specific timeline of when a commitment will be made, but Diante's father wants to get it done soon.


"We'll make some official visits in the future. We'll take it from there. We'd like to go ahead and make some sort of commitment so he can concentrate on his high school season," Garrett said. "Diante is looking forward to next season and making some sort of commitment. He's working hard at it. He plays the game everyday and in my opinion, somebody is going to be happy to get this kid."



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