Why Lie? This is a Sales Pitch

Let's be honest,can we? We want you to subscribe to CN. We think we're providing an great product for fans to read and hear the Cyclone story. While we're grateful to have the customers we do have, we want more. Are you on the fence about subscribing but seriously thinking about it because football season is just around the corner? Click here to find out more about why you should subscribe to CN.

There has never been a better time to be a Cyclone and there has never been a better time to be a subscriber to CycloneNation.com. Here's why!


Multi-Media Cyclone Makeover


After some concerns about the lack of the Cyclone radio voice in central Iowa, Blum and I took it upon ourselves to not let the ‘Clones fall on deaf ears. Starting August 27, we will debut a two-hour sports show every Sunday on 1430-KASI. And the best part is its all Cyclones (with the occasional NASCAR rant) all the time. Nowhere else will the Cyclones be better represented. From guests to callers, we can't wait to give ours and your favorite school a chance to be the main event over the airwaves.


But that's not all. 


CN will continue to have a presence promoting the Cyclones on the most listened to sports radio station in the history of the State of Iowa, 1460-KXNO, each week during the season.  We'll also appear weekly on Deace in the Afternoon on 1040-WHO, the most popular radio station in the state and long-time voice of the Hawkeyes.  Talk about invading enemy territory!  And then there's all the Cyclone coverage on Mediacom Connections Channel we'll be a part of, too. That's a television station that gets into over 500,000 homes in the state of Iowa. 


CN's Brent Blum has also been named as the host of the official Cyclone post-game show on the Cyclone Radio Network. After each football game after "Voices of the Cyclones," John Walters and Eric Heft, are finished with their coverage, Blum will be on the air discussing the game action and taking your calls for an hour across the state on the Cyclone Radio Network. 


We're online at Cyclone Nation.com.  We're on the air on TV and radio.  We're in print with CN Magazine.  We're everywhere, and we want you to be right there with us.


Get The Inside Slant


Have you ever wanted one on one access to a Cyclone or a former Cyclone? If so, CN is the place for you.


With football season just around the corner, where do you want to get your Cyclone news? Do you want to get it from random reporters or do you want to get your information from former Cyclone greats like Jack Whitver and Luke Vander Sanden?


Whitver and Vander Sanden will be integral in CN's coverage of football this season and will give subscribers the information that they want, from the guys who have been there, in a way that you can't find anywhere else.


The Staff


As always, Brent Blum and I will be working our tails off to give subscribers not only the news that you can get anywhere, but with an added entertaining flair. That's what we do here at CN. We have fun and support the Cyclones! Isn't that what sports are supposed to be about?


If you enjoyed Blum and his columns over the past few months, then more good news is on the way for you. Blum will be coming on to as a full-time writer for the remainder of the year. Instead of a little bit of Blum, you'll be getting a lot of Blum as we will tag-team football coverage and give you a fresh perspective of the campus life that you can't find anywhere else, because let's face it, your Cyclones wouldn't exist without the students.


Also expect contributions from Grant Wall, a seasoned writer who has covered the Cyclones for three years as sports editor at the Iowa State Daily. Wall is one more asset in the changing face of Cyclone athletics and the extensive roster being built here at CN. And we are doing it all for the best and most complete ISU coverage you will find at any single location.   


As for myself, I've been in this game for a little less than a year now. I believe the site is a thousand times better than when I took over, and I believe it's going to get better as time goes on.


See the Action


CN's photographer Reese Strickland has agreed to come on board for another season capturing the action of every Cyclone home game this season. Strickland has photographed everything from NASCAR events to Kansas City Chiefs football, so get the best photos available at CN.


We've Got Your Basketball Jones


As CN has proved all summer long, we have the best men's basketball coverage around. Just take a look at the CN archives and you will find several articles a week dedicated to the new era of Cyclone hoops, from prospective recruits to summer league action. After the coaching change, CN made a concerted effort to bring you the best coverage of the changing of the guard and we have turned that thought into action. With basketball practice and commitments around the corner, we promise to keep you up to date with the latest news of Greg McDermott's squad.


In addition, CN has brought on a women's basketball beat writer for the 06-07 season. His name is Andrew Martin, a senior in journalism at Iowa State.


On Campus


One thing that CN will do more and more of is place you on campus in Ames with the rest of us who are Cyclones currently attending Iowa State.  There's never been a better time to have a student season ticket to all the sports with the exciting coaching roster Jamie Pollard has put together, and since most of CN's staff currently lives on campus we want to tell the Iowa State story from that perspective. 


If you're an ISU student that means you'll need a subscription to CycloneNation.com.  And if you're not you will, too, because since we're on campus we get to talk to people and see things on a regular basis no one else does.  That means we'll get you closer to the action than anybody else can.  We are there, and we want you to be right there with us!


Shared Vision


Athletic Director Jamie Pollard has cast a bold and positive vision for the Cyclone Nation, and we here at CN share that vision with him.  Pollard is out to do two things and two things only: win games and make money.  But he wants to do those things with character, not by any means necessary.  Ultimately, that's the only reason to have sports: to win games and make money…with character. 


That's why out motto at CN is:


For the Cyclones.

About the Cyclones.

Nothing but the Cyclones. 


While others who are stuck in the past can always find some thing or someone to whine about, we here at CN are about providing a positive platform to tell the Cyclone story. That doesn't mean not providing critical commentary when necessary.  It means our only motive, no matter what we report or how we report it, is to advance the Cyclone Nation.


We want everyone to be a Cyclone. That's why our goal is promoting the Cyclones.  That's why we're for the Cyclones, about the Cyclones, and nothing but the Cyclones.  We're not about ourselves or trying to look like something we're not or trying to act like we know something we don't. 


Do we want to sell you a subscription?  You bet!  But we want you to buy it because you like the way we're telling the Cyclone story. 


If you like to whine and complain and not to do anything productive to advance the Cyclone Nation, then by all means feel free to take your business elsewhere. 


But at CN we're not down with the negativity. We like winning.  We embrace winning. We expect winning. As young Cyclone fans, we're used to it. So, if you want to know what's going on with the Cyclones from people whose only agenda is the Cyclones, then you have a home here at CycloneNation.com. Pull up a chair, grab a cold one, cheer on the Cyclones, and hang with us!


To subscribe, just click on this link: https://secure.scout.com/a.z?s=171&p=12


Go Cyclones!

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