Sorensen Talks ISU

Blake Sorensen visited Iowa State a few weeks ago. This Eden Prarie LB talks about his visit and much more right in this CN recruiting update on Blake Sorensen.

Blake Sorensen's stock is heating up. Why? In the past few weeks, he's taken and unofficial to Iowa State and he's picked up two new scholarship offers from Northwestern and Colorado State.


"I just got two offers form Northwestern and Colorado State," Sorensen told CN.


Sorensen, a 6'1, 205 pound linebacker out of Eden Prarie, Minnesota visited Iowa State unofficially two weeks ago and he walked away impressed with the Cyclone program.


"I watched the last hour of their scrimmage. It went really well. Then I got to go back and eat lunch with some of the players. I met with an academic advisor for the business school. At the end of the day I met with all of the coaches and Coach Mac so it went really well," Sorensen said.


Sorensen said that in his meeting with McCarney, they talked about where he would fit in with the Cyclone defense.


"We kind of talked about where I would fit in with the defense. It went well," Sorensen said. "I don't know where I would fit in exactly. I could play any of the three positions depending on how much weight I put on. We talked a lot about where they are and how many they hope to get this year."


One player that Sorensen took a liking to was sophomore LB Adam Carper. The two ate lunch together during Sorensen's visit.


"I got to meet and eat lunch with Adam Carper which was really nice," Sorensen said.


Sorensen is planning on taking an official to Iowa State during the season but it won't be until mid-season.


"I'll probably wait a little bit, a couple games into the season before I make some visits," Sorensen said. "Most schools want you to wait until after the season but I don't know if I want to wait that long."


Meanwhile, the Cyclones are positioning themselves in Sorensen's top three.


"I don't want to name a favorite but they're definitely in my top three."


The other two favorites Sorensen lists are Northwestern and San Diego State.




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