One on One With the "Juice"

The man they call "Juice," Josh Johnson doesn't have a lot to say. He's a shy individual but he's anything but that on the football field. He's proven that by climbing the depth chart during the month of August all the way up to number two where he sits now. See what he had to say in this one on one interview with CN.

CW: When you got here you were low on the depth chart and being treated like a true freshman. Now you're up to number two on the depth chart. How does it feel?


JJ: When I first got here I was like three or four on the depth chart. Harris got moved and I really got an opportunity to move up during the scrimmage.


CW: How are you doing with picking up blocks and the mental side of the game?


JJ: I'm doing alright. I have a lot of improving to do.


CW: Does having your cousin Rashawn Parker here make this whole transition a little bit easier?


JJ: Yeah it's made it a lot easier having my cousin around.


CW: Growing up in Ponca City, were you a Sooner or Cowboy fan? Or either for that matter?


JJ: I was a Sooner fan.


CW: Did Oklahoma or Oklahoma State recruit you?


JJ: They both were looking at me but they never offered me a scholarship.


CW: Are you looking for a little pay back when you guys go to Norman this year?


JJ: Oh yeah, we're going to do it.


CW: What's your biggest asset as a runner? Is it speed or power?


JJ: It's kind of a little bit of both. I'm not really that fast. The way that I see the hole.


CW: Are you getting anxious for Toledo?


JJ: Oh I can't wait to get on the field.

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