Cyclones Pick Up a Player and a Fan

Grant Garner has never had a favorite football team in his entire life. That is, until now. Now, Garner is a Cyclone. Find out what Iowa State's latest commitment Grant Garner had to say about that and a lot more here in this CN recruiting update.

Grant Garner has never had a favorite football team in his life, ever. He insists that he's always been a fan of football, that is until now.


"I didn't really have a favorite team (when he was a kid). I was just a football fan, but now it's Cyclones all the way baby," said Garner now that he's verbally committed to Iowa State.


Garner, a 6'3, 270 pound center committed to Iowa State for a lot of reasons but the biggest of all was at home feeling at Iowa State.


"It was a perfect fit. It really felt like a family being the players and the coaches. I really felt like God wanted me to be there. There is nothing that I would change. After I committed, there was a huge weight off of my shoulders. It just felt great," Garner said.


Now that he's committed, Garner isn't taking it easy. In fact, he's more motivated than ever now the he knows he'll be a future Cyclone.


"Whenever I'm running or lifting weights, I think of Iowa State and it helps me get through it," Garner said.


During his junior season, Garner was pleased but he's looking for a lot more out of himself and his team as a senior.


"Last year I felt like we did ok. We lost a few games by a few points but I feel like I'm a lot better between my junior and senior season. I've gotten a lot better," Garner said. "I've just been working out. My quickness has gotten a lot better."


Garner was a Brian Schneider recruit and the Iowa State coaches quite the impact on him.


"All of the coaches are really awesome guys. It's a great program," Garner said.


As for Ames, this Mesquite, Texas native loved it.


"I loved it. I can't wait to live there for five years," Garner said.


Garner picked Iowa State over offers from Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, Purdue, SMU, and Tulsa.

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