CN Quick Cuts: Toledo Edition

What are the players thinking? In this weekly addition of Cyclone quick cuts, CN takes a look at the thoughts and attitude of the men in Cardinal and Gold going into the opening game of the season. And we do it in a quick, hard hitting fashion. Because time is of the essence.

This week's quick hit-men: Adam Carper, Todd Blythe, DeAndre Jackson, Scott Stephenson.



Jacked up for the Jack


Carper: This is what we have been working for ever since January. Going out there on the field in front of a sell-out crowd is going to be very exciting for us.


Blythe: I don't like sitting at the hotel all day waiting for the game, but I love the atmosphere of night games.


Jackson:  I'm very excited, two-a-days seemed like they lasted forever.


Carper: There is nothing like being under the lights in front of 50,000 people.


Blythe: Camp has given me a real good picture of where we are at, but nothing compares to a game.



Toledo is Fo' Real


AC: It can do nothing but help the team. Opening with a challenge like this, shows us where we are and will make us better.


TB: We don't want to start against a team that isn't that good, with the schedule we have.


SS: Playing a tough team like Toledo can springboard you into conference play. They are for real. Playing them first can get us ready.


TB:  They bring a lot of pressure, they've got some athletic guys in the linebacking corps, their DB's like to knock you off your routes, they play a lot of coverage's, which they will throw out as to try and confuse us. 


Defensive Downfall?


AC: We don't want to step down from the defense we had last year. We all know Coach Skladany is going to put us in the right place; we have to go out there and execute.


DJ: We have a lot of young guys and they've been stepping it up in two-a-days. We're clicking and that chemistry is starting to come around. I keep talking to the guys to keep their heads up. Everything is going to be all right.


TB: Our defense is fast, they are going to fly around to the football, I have no doubt we will have 5, 6 guys around the football no matter where they are.


SS: We want to take as much pressure off them as possible by chewing up the clock.


D-Jack: Look Into My Eyes


DJ: All eyes are on me. Being a captain and a senior, I have to teach these guys. The days I feel tired, I can't let it show because I don't want to give us an excuse.


I look in everybody's eyes when I call up a defense (play) and I tell them, "Let me see your eyes." And I see fire burning. Everybody wants to get better. All the down talk, we're ready to overcome that. This defense is ready to play.


We're tired of hearing about it (defense). It's time to put up or shut up.


Parker and Frere: The Freak and the Beast


DJ: When I first saw Parker, I looked at him and said, "This guy wants to play." We played a pick up game of basketball and he took it to a whole new level. I knew that this guy was very competitive and knew he was going to challenge for some spots. It doesn't surprise me at all. Parker was trying to dunk all on people, man. He tried to dunk on me and I got out the way.


SS: Frere may be a freshman, but give him a couple of weeks and he will be competing at a Big 12 level. He reminds me of Leaders, he's not as quick yet, but give him some time and he will be there.


DJ: Nate Frere is looking like a beast out there.


Don't Forget about TUBA!


SS: Tuba is huge. That's all I gotta say.


Schmeling Salts


SS: Tom (Schmeling) has done everything right since camp started. His footsteps, his technique, he is one of the most physical guys we have.


It's Our Turn.


AC: It's going to be nice to show the fans how much we love the game. Tyrone (McKenzie) had to sit out all last year and he is hungry to show the fans, team and coaches that he belongs.


TB: Offensively we are doing real well. We have nailed down some things we needed to get better at as far as consistency. We're making a lot of plays in the passing game and our young running backs are stepping up


DJ: I take that to heart (being named a captain). I'm going to do what I can to take this team to the top.


TB: We think we are going to be real good on offense. Our expectations are higher than anyone's.










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