CN Post Game: Bret Meyer

On Thursday night against Toledo, Bret Meyer proved why he is one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 12. After throwing for over 200 yards, rushing for almost 100 and recording five total touchdowns on the game, find out what Meyer had to say afterwards here in this CN post game interview.

Q: It seemed like the offense could barely get on the field in the second half let alone do anything.


A: With those new rules with the clock it went, I didn't realize how fast it went but it went by fast. You get like 15 to 20 less plays. You have to be a lot more efficient.


Q: How big of a lift is it to get an overtime win like that?


A: I think that mentally it might help a little bit but a win is a win. Special teams played a good role, turnovers, we have to take care of the ball. Their quarterback, I've got to give it out to him. I told him, ‘you impressed me.'


Q: Did you kind of lose Todd (Blythe) there in the second half and then in overtime you found him again?


A: They intercepted me and defensively they did some good things. They left the outside open one on one so if they were going to leave him one on one I was going to take it.


Q: When it was like 3rd and 17 there in overtime, things weren't looking good.


A: You can't really think about that. You've just got to know what to do and try to make plays. I kind of left it behind him but he came up with a big play. Everybody came together and this was about as big, for teaching purposes, as good as you can get a win.


Q: Is there disappointment and excitement both from this win? How do you separate the two?


A: Oh you celebrate now and then you come back tomorrow and try and get better.



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