Toledo Post Game: Flynn Optimistic After Win

Iowa State's Austin Flynn had four receptions for 53 yards last night in Iowa State's season opening 45-43 victory over Toledo. Flynn, who is also a big-time leader in this offense, spoke to the media after the game. Find out what Flynn had to say right here in this CN interview.

Q: There might be some fans who will be disappointed that you didn't win this more decisively, do you understand that?


A: Absolutley. We had a record crowd that bought season tickets and we need to put on a better show. All I can say to them right now is that it's the first game and I guarantee we're going to keep building on this. We made a lot of mistakes that can be easily corrected. I think we'll be better the next game.


Q: How much was the overtime stuff hanging over your head and how much of a relief is it now to finally get one?


A: Well we put an emphasis on it this whole entire off-season and put in some hard work throughout the spring and summer and it paid off.


Q: Do you expect that you'll be watching tape on this and see some stuff that makes you go, hmm, that's opening game blues right there?


A: I guess so. I think the fact that we have a young defense and offensively we made a lot of mistakes, special teams made a lot of mistakes too. I look at it as a big building block for us. The young guys will see their mistakes and as long as they learn from them, we'll be just fine next week.

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