Toledo Post Game: Jon Davis

One of the best stories of the 2006 football season's is Jon Davis's incredible recovery from an Achilles tendon injury that he suffered just last March. Davis not only played but started last Thursday against Toledo. Find out what this team leader had to say after the game right here in this CN post game interview.

Q: Did you guys expect to go into overtime?


A: No, we didn't expect to go into overtime but we were prepared for any type of situation that would happen. We got into over time and we've been preaching and talking about that all summer. We have to finish the deal. We've had trouble with that in the past and we got it done tonight.


Q: The offense all of the sudden exploded in overtime, can you talk about that?


A: We had the potential to do that every game. It took a little bit longer than we wanted to this time but we went ahead and got the victory.


Q: When you go back and look at the tape, will you see some things and think that it was first game type of stuff?


A: Some things but we still have a high expectation for ourselves. We should be able to adjust on the fly no matter what. Overall I think that we didn't have too many mental mistakes with our routes or anything like that.


Q: A lot of people think that an attitude can be pulled from a team after the first game of the season, if so that's a pretty big win for you guys.


A: It's big for us because like I said, the whole summer we were preaching about overtime and getting those wins early. Doing this just proves that we can do it because we've had so many problems in overtime in the past.

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