It's Crunch Time

It's nearing decision time for P'Allen Stinnett and Andre McFarland. With scholarships and time running out, the duo will be visiting Idaho on Sept. 15. All of the sudden, the duo is warming back up to Iowa State. Find out why and get the full scoop right here in this CN MBB recruiting update.

It's coming down to crunch time for P'Allen Stinnett to make a decision, and all of the sudden things appear to be going the right way for Iowa State and new head coach Greg McDermott.


As reported about a month ago, it's going to come down to Iowa State and Idaho to land both P'Allen Stinnett and his running mate Andre McFarland.


Now, for the first time in his recruitment, Stinnett has listed a leader.


"I would say Iowa State. I've been there quite a few times so I kind of have a feel for it. I'm taking a trip to Idaho in the next few weeks. Right now I'm favoring Iowa State since I know so much about them," Stinnett told CN.


Stinnett and McFarland both have official visits planned to Idaho on Sept. 15. An official visit hasn't been planned to Iowa State yet. Due to NCAA regulations, Stinnett can't come back for an official visit to Ames until mid-October. The NCAA requires a year in between official visits to one school.


Not only is Stinnett familiar with Ames, he's really taken a liking to the new coaching staff at Iowa State.


"I really do (feel comfortable with the coaches). To tell you the truth, I didn't think that it would be this good, but we communicated really well and they call a lot and we talk. It feels like I'm already out there but I'm still right here," Stinnett said.


Stinnett's teammate at the Brewster Academy, Craig Brackins looks like he's coming into play in this recruitment as well. According to Stinnett, the college conversation is a regular happening at Brewster.


"Everyday. We go to prep school together so we talk and joke around everyday. Somehow that subject always comes up," Stinnett said.


Now enters Andre McFarland, a 6'5 swingman who also attends Brewster.


"I believe that we're going to stay together," Stinnett said about himself and McFarland.


Regardless of where Stinnett ends up, a major lifestyle change will be made after growing up in Las Vegas, but Stinnett is cool with that and ready to move on.


"You know I'm growing up. It's part of life to have to adapt to the environment. I would love to move to a big city like Las Vegas, but maybe it would be better you know," Stinnett said.


Look for CN to keep you updated on the recruitment of Stinnett and McFarland as it should be heating up here in the next few weeks.




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