Coach: Eikmeier is on Board at ISU

On Tuesday CN reported FIRST that Greg McDermott picked up his first commitment in the class of 2008. That commit is 6'3 Fremont, Nebraska combo-guard Wes Eikmeier. CN got in touch with Eikmeier's high school coach, Chris Paulson, and talked everything from the recruitment to Eikmeier's skills on the hardwood. Find out the scoop right here in this CN interview with Chris Paulson.

CW: I know that Iowa State offered Wes on Thursday, what made him make his decision this soon?


CP: Well I think that the biggest thing was that he had an opportunity to see some of the schools and he really kind of narrowed things down. The three that he really was focusing on were UNI and Iowa State. On top of them was Wichita State. Those were the three that he was really trying to seek out and see which was a good fit for him. I think that both UNI and Iowa State, the systems that they run, he sees himself fitting in that type of system. He enjoyed the coaching staff, he enjoyed the atmosphere down there and the biggest thing that he said was that he felt it was right. He though why delay the inevitable when he was going to go there anyway. He wanted to get it out of the way and make the decision now so he could focus on his season.


CW: Talk about Wes's relationship with Coach McDermott and I know that Coach Rutter has been recruiting him. How long has that been going on?


CP: Well that started at the end of spring. We sent out a highlight tape of him to kind of feel things out to see who was interested in him. They responded back and invited him to their Elite Camp where he went. He performed really well down there and got a chance to play with some of their kids a little bit. Over the course of the summer he had a very good summer on his AAU team, the Nebraska Bison. Had a great summer there and was the leading scorer on the team. He did some good things and they watched the majority of his games. They kept in contact with him and he got a chance to work out for him during the second recruiting period when they can come out and watch open gyms. Then he had the opportunity to go down and visit their campus this weekend and kind of see where he fits into their system and see where they see him as a Cyclone. With all that being said, he weighed all of those options and obviously to get an offer as a junior is a pretty big step. He felt like this team really wanted him, along with UNI, they really wanted him as well. He felt that this would provide him with some better opportunities and he decided to make that decision now.


CW: What is he like as a player? Give me some strengths of his.


CP: First of all, he is a very good shooter. In terms of being a pure shooter, he can shoot the three. He can shoot the deep three. He does a lot of things that a lot of kids don't do and that's shoot the pull up. On top of that, he's 6'3, he can get inside and finish. On our team, he made 121 free throws in 21 games. He went to the line a lot for us. He can flat out score both by shooting and by getting inside and finishing. That's probably his main strength. He can handle the basketball as well. He played some point for us and off guard on his AAU team. I know that the Cyclones are looking at him as a combo-guard because he does handle and shoot the ball so well. He has very good court awareness and he's a student of the game. In terms of court presence, he makes everybody else around him better.


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