Vander Sanden's Top 5 Surprises From Week One

In this week's top five, former ISU team captain Luke Vander Sanden focus on what he thinks were the top five surprises from week one of college football. Find out what Luke has to think right here at


#1- Montana State @ Colorado- Montana State 19, Colorado 10


This game really opened a lot of eyes this past week.  Former Boise State Bronco head coach, Dan Hawkins, made his debut in a major division one program, that being at the helm with the Colorado Buffalos.  Montana State, which is a D-1AA program, brought the hammer to Colorado.  Montana State held Colorado to 216 total yards, of those 106 rushing yards and 110 passing yards.  What an eye-opener. With Dan Hawkins success at Boise State, a lot of people expected big things at Colorado this year.  Sure, the season is early, and a lot of things can change from week one to week two but come on though, Big XII North Champions a year ago to getting devastated by a D-IAA team?  That is absolutely a embarrassment for the Big XII.    


#2- UAB @ #10 Oklahoma- Oklahoma 24, UAB 17


This was another surprise game that raised some questions about Oklahoma. UAB came into Norman with their guns loaded.  As you remember, Oklahoma lost their signal caller from a year ago in Rhett Bomar, who was dismissed from the team due to NCAA allegations for a ridiculous amount of money earned for work from a car dealership this past summer. Bomar is now enrolled at Sam Houston State.  Defensively, Oklahoma allowed 304 total yards.  Offensively, Oklahoma was just a mere 3-10 on third down conversions.  Oklahoma head coach, Bob Stoops has to be frustrated with his team's performance against a team Oklahoma SHOULD have taken control over.  That sure raises a lot of question marks about Oklahoma as it continues its campaign in 2006. 


3. Georgia Tech @ #2 Notre Dame- N. Dame 14, Georgia Tech 10


This game may or may not have been a surprise to many people but I thought G. Tech would have a solid ball club this year, but with all the hype with Charlie Weis and Notre Dame, the outcome of the game got me thinking about a number of things.  All-American receiver, Jeff Samardzija, was held to 74 receiving yards, with none of those yards resulting in points on the board.  Brady Quinn, who has been in Charlie Weis' system one year, had a decent performance throwing for 236 yards, while completing 23 of his 38 pass attempts.  The stat that sticks out to me is that Quinn did NOT connect with any of his receivers for touchdowns.  A lot of people look at Quinn as a possible Heisman contender. For this to happen, Quinn must be a play-maker for the Irish.  With the possible national championship hype surrounding the Irish from all the experts, you would have thought that Charlie Weis' squad would have put on a better performance.  You do have to give Georgia Tech credit for fighting to the end, and I believe that they will have a stellar season in 2006.




4. Toledo @ Iowa State- Iowa State 45, Toledo 43 (3OT)


How could I leave this game out of my top 5?  A couple weeks ago, I did my top 5 on reasons NOT to overlook Toledo, and a lot of people thought I was nuts, and maybe some people still think I am crazy. The fact of the matter is, Iowa State won this game in triple overtime.  It sure was a game where fans got there full moneys worth.  Sure, a lot of fans wanted and thought Iowa State should have won this game by a bigger margin, but the experience that the coaches and players got from this game will only be of help down the road and into the season.  Hey, look at it this way. Iowa State got the overtime monkey off their back.  Big time players stepped up in big time situations where the game was on the line. Can you say Todd Blythe or Bret Meyer?  Or how about Rashawn Parker who made two huge sacks in overtime!  This defense may be young and inexperienced, but now they are all veterans.  They all have a game under their belt; they understand the game-day routine.


5. #9 California @ #23 Tennessee- Tennessee 35, California 18


Wish that I was on ole rocky top,
Down in the Tennessee hills.
Ain't no smoggy smoke on rocky top,
Ain't no telephone bills.


Does the start of this song ring a bell?  Maybe you need some music to add to it, and no...I can't sing it for you. This was a game that a lot of experts and college football fanatics picked California to win, or at least the game to be close.  In my opinion, after watching this game, it wasn't even close. Tennessee dominated the first three quarters, outscoring California 35-3.  If that doesn't stick out to you, you may wanna get your eyes checked!  California's defense gave up 514 yards of total offense, of those, 216 rushing yards.  The outcome of this game wasn't what I expected it to be at all.  It wasn't even close. 


This tops my Top 5 surprises from week one.  Be sure to tune in next week to see what my top five entails.

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