Clearing Up Confusion

Click here to get the official scoop on what exactly happened at the end of the game on Saturday night.

Here is the official reaction from the official after the game.


Tom Ahlers, Review Official


On the last play

"I deemed it a reviewable play, reviewed it, and did not overrule the play."


On the clock starting on the last play:

"We buzzed the officials about the play on first down (UNLV catch and potential fumble.) The play was a pass play caught by the UNLV receiver. It was a definitive catch after we reviewed it (no fumble). By the time we had the play buzzed, UNLV had spiked the ball. Because we buzzed them and challenged the play before the spike, the spike (on second down) was negated (no play). Then we went back to where the clock was at the time when the review was called after the potential fumble (on the pass play). That is why: 07 seconds were put on the clock and the clock started immediately after the snap."


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