UNLV Post Game: McCarney Presser Report

Want to know what Iowa State Coach Dan McCarney had to say after Saturday nights thriller? Get the scoop right here and see McCarney's thoughts on everything from the final play of the game and his struggling offense in the second half. Click here to get the scoop.

In the most bizarre ending that these eyes have ever seen, Iowa State squeaked out another home victory on Saturday night as the Cyclones pulled off the 16-10 victory over UNLV.


While confusion was running wild at the end of the game, Iowa State Head Coach Dan McCarney said that the official told him it was over from the final whistle.


"Officials officiate and I coach. The official told me that the game was over, period, end of story," McCarney told the media after the game.


McCarney said that he waited for UNLV coach Mike Sanford, but was unable to hook up with him after the game.


"I stayed out there for a long time trying to wait for him and I never saw him so I shook a lot of player's hands and a lot of assistant coach's hands," McCarney said.


Todd Blythe was held without one single reception during Saturday nights game and that's not acceptable to McCarney.


"They did a really good job. Obviously number 21 (Eric Wright) is one of the best defensive backs that we'll see all year. It's not like we weren't trying to get the ball to him, believe me," McCarney said. "Their secondary did a really good job. They did some things with underneath coverage and it's really disappointing coming out of a game and Todd doesn't have one catch."


Though Blythe has been held to only five receptions in Iowa State's first two games, McCarney did say that Toledo wouldn't agree that Blythe has been ‘held in check.'


"I don't think that Toledo would say that he was held in check," McCarney said when asked about Blythe's first two games.


McCarney did say that his offense made some mistakes defensively in the 2nd half.


"We obviously made a lot of mistakes offensively in the 2nd half. Some uncharacteristic penalties and mental errors that we made, we've got to get it corrected and corrected fast. We're going to have to get better really quick," said McCarney.


Tonight's game came down to the wire, but McCarney isn't blaming his young defense.


"If you score some more points it never comes down to that. If you give up 10 points defensively, you're going to have a really good chance to win games which we did tonight," McCarney said. "But we were disappointed that we only put up three points in the 2nd half. It's really disappointing; I can't even put into words how disappointed I am. We have 10 veterans back who know how to play, can start and have started before. We need to get a lot better really fast because we're going to be facing an outstanding Iowa football team."


Look to CN on Sunday for more post game reaction from numerous players.



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