Mac Presser Report - Iowa Week

Dan McCarney met with the media during his weekly press conference on Monday and CN was there to cover it. In this piece, get quotes from the coach on everything from aftermath of the UNLV game to the big upcoming date with cross-state rival Iowa.

Quotes of the Day


"I don't know if you could expect more out of an 18 year old freshman in the first two games of his college career," McCarney said about true freshman Rashawn Parked.


McCarney also noted that Parker graded out at 91% on Saturday.


The other quote of the day had to do with Iowa's unheard of goal line stand at Syracuse on Saturday.


"It looked like at the end of that game last week, Syracuse could have had 20 plays and they never would have scored."



Will Tate Play? – Not a Question


Dan McCarney left no secrets about his thoughts on Drew Tate's status heading into Saturday. Tate will play, according to McCarney.


"He'll be in the lineup, there's no doubt in our mind," McCarney said. "I fully anticipate that he'll play. I'm sure he'll be ready. If you're a senior, and Iowa State's coming to Kinnick Stadium, it's your last shot. It's amazing; the recovery guys can have with their health."


Jason Manson started for Iowa last week during Iowa's overtime win at Syracuse and after reviewing the tape, McCarney doesn't see a whole lot of difference between the game plans between the two quarterbacks.


"From a defensive standpoint, looking at their offense, I didn't see anything different in what they feature and what they don't feature. They run their offense, they believe in it and they trust their players doing it. I didn't see anything different," McCarney said. "Manson has been around. He played in our game last year. He's played a lot of football and I didn't see any condensing of their offense adjusted because he was in the lineup."


Todd Blythe – Zero Catches on Saturday


McCarney was asked at the presser if Iowa State could win this Saturday if Blythe goes without a catch. Here's what the coach had to say.


" wouldn't think that we could but you know, never say never. That wasn't part of our plan last week. We did try to get it to him more than the three times that we threw it to him. Whether it was their coverage or our inability, he's a guy who's got to be very involved in our offense. We all know that. We've got to find ways to get it to him. As I said last week, we can't be stubborn and hard headed and expect him to make a play when the coverage doesn't dictate that. He's got to be more of a factor with our offense," McCarney said.


So why isn't Iowa State's top play maker getting the ball?


"It's a combination of things. We had four of the dumbest offensive penalties that we've had in my 12 years here. All of them were drive killers and we should be good enough to overcome them," McCarney said.


‘Stinky' Kickoff Coverage


McCarney was very adamant on Monday that his team's kickoff coverage needs to improve and it needs to improve fast.


"Our kickoff coverage stinks right now. It's as poor as it's been since I've been here. Every job is open on our kickoff coverage team. Casual fans can figure that out watching us, we stink. We're going to get that fixed, we've got to," McCarney said.


Josh Griebahn has been handling the kickoff duties during the first two games and McCarney said that they are trying to open up the competition.


"We're trying to open it up and so far we're just not getting what we want. If we say we want it deep left, we want it deep left. If we say we want it deep right, we want it deep right. If we want it in the end zone, once in a while we'd like to see it back there. We sure haven't seen that yet in two games," McCarney said.


The Aftermath


Good news Cyclone fans, UNLV has finally left Jack Trice Stadium. In all seriousness, Coach McCarney had nothing but good things to say about UNLV coach Mike Samford on Monday.


"Mike left a message yesterday and it was on the main phone. I didn't get it until about an hour ago. I left a message a little bit ago and I'm sure we'll talk today. I missed talking to him. That was the first time that I've never been able to talk to a head coach after a game win or lose. I'm looking forward to visiting with Mike. He's a real good coach and a class act," McCarney said.


About the final play of the game, McCarney said that it wasn't even close.


"It wasn't even close, not even close. I heard that from people in the back of the end zone. I think there were cheerleaders, news media, security people and they all told me the same thing but to see it on tape, it's not even close. The white was out of bounds, he came out outside of the white."



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