CN Quick Cuts: Iowa

There is a different feel around the Jacobson building during the week of the Iowa game. The coaches may tell you differently, but the energy is ratcheted up a notch. In this edition of CN Quick Cuts, we ask the Cyclone players about the rivalry, and everything that surrounds it.

This week's Quick Hit Men: Bret Meyer, Todd Blythe, Brent Curvey, Ryan Kock, Shawn Moorehead, Ryan Baum.





Meyer: You can notice a difference in intensity from the coaches in knowing that the talent level is going to go up. Everybody is going to be more focused this week.


Blythe: We try to keep things as normal as possible, but this is the Iowa State-Iowa game, that's what you hear about growing up as a kid in Iowa, this is a big, important game.


Baum: I love it. Every year this week, it's one of the biggest weeks. Growing up in Iowa, seeing the pressure and excitement of Iowa against Iowa State; it's fun to see the competition.


Moorehead: All the students are talking about it and going down to Iowa City to watch it. We approach it like any other game, but in the back of our minds it's a rivalry game. Everyone is a little more juiced up for practice, you don't have to get on people to get going.


Kock: It's very intense. I remember growing up and ever since I can remember watching football games, you would always wait for Iowa State-Iowa. Now this is my fifth and last one, so I am ready for it.


Curvey: Week by week, it gets bigger. It's a big in-state rivalry and a big game. The intensity does pick up.




Blythe: He doesn't go nuts, but you can tell he's excited about this game. He's from Iowa City so it's a big game for him. It's a big game for all of us. I think everybody, whether we want to admit it or not, is going to be more excited for this game.


Meyer: You definitely do (sense Mac's intensity increase). He has a lot of passion for this game.


Blythe: Coach Mac has been in this game for 60, 65 years now (laughs) so he's been through it and knows how to get us ready and motivated and we've been able to execute.




Meyer: We want to get them at their best. You don't want to see anyone injured, I hope he is able to play.


Curvey: I'd love to play against him. Why not? He's a great guy, excellent quarterback, and brings a lot to the table. Why wouldn't you want to step your game up to play against somebody like him?


Moorehead: We want to play them at their highest level, but either way its going to be a great team.




Curvey: It's very hostile. We have to play the game between the lines. We can't worry about what's going on outside.


Meyer: We're prepared. Not just being over there, but being on the road in big stadiums, especially with all the guys on offense that have been in that situation before. Anytime you go into a stadium like that it's going to be difficult, so we have to communicate well.




Meyer: I definitely need to do a better job of being a leader and being a finisher. We had a chance to put UNLV away and I missed a throw to Todd when he was wide open. We don't want to go another game with him not making any catches.


Blythe: We have to put more points on the board. We have a better and more explosive offense than to put just 16 points up. I'm confident we'll do that and be ready to roll come Saturday.  We've had consistency issues. The last two games, we turned the ball over on our first drive. We can't do that against a good team like Iowa. We need to execute and improve.


Kock: We had a lot of mistakes, but we can correct them.


Meyer: We have to be more efficient in the red zone. We need to put up more than 16 points.





Meyer: If we win, I can take it (close games). My mom told me, ‘you have to stop doing this to us.' We'll try and refrain from doing that this week.


Blythe: As long as we win, I'll take them every week. It's something we'd liked to get away from, but as long as we're coming away with a win, I'm fine with it.


Curvey: If we have to that to win, I'll take it. I'll take whatever we have to, and go wherever we have to go to get a W.




Curvey: He's (Rashawn Parker) a good guy man. He keeps coming for sacks, and sacks, and sacks. It's making me upset, because I'm not getting as many. But he's carrying the load and we need that.




Baum: I would have to agree with him. If there was another word I was allowed to say, I would, but there are mistakes we have to clean up. We are willing to do so.




Baum: We have to win each game as it comes. Iowa's just the next game on the schedule.


Blythe: I know all the coaches and a lot of the players over at Iowa from recruiting trips, so it puts a lot into it knowing and talking to those guys out-of-season. It's a real big week for us.


Meyer: Every year is different. We've got a lot of new guys and so do they. It's going to be a different game. Throw everything out and start from scratch.





CURVEY: The better man wins on Saturdays and we've been the better man six of the last eight times. We hope to improve on that on Saturday.














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