Iowa Post Game: Mac Presser Report

Iowa State suffered their first lost of the season today in a windy Kinnick Stadium by a score of 27-17. Here, in this CN presser report, find out what Coach McCarney had to say about everything from his crucial call to go for it on fourth down to his team's struggles to score in the second half.

4th and 10…What would you do?


With 5:06 to go in the 4th quarter, Iowa State chose to go for it on 4th and 10. Was it the right call? McCarney doesn't regret it.


"We were really having trouble stopping them. Iowa had done a really good job of moving the chains and sometimes you have to go with your gut. I just had a lot of faith that we could make that play, I really did. I don't have any issues with going for it on fourth down; I've never been too worried about it in the past," McCarney told the media after the game.


Senior defensive end Shawn Moorehead agreed with the call.


"I have all the confidence in the world in our offense. If they thought they could get it, I was behind them 100%. I thought that they would get the first down," Moorehead said.


"At that stage, the clock's moving pretty fast. We have a lot of faith in our passing game and they did a great job from a coverage standpoint. Iowa's defense disrupted with underneath coverage, a lot of our routes. They were rerouting guys and it really bothered us, it really did," McCarney said after the game.


One Tough Loss


Here's what McCarney had to say about his team's loss today in Iowa City.


"We didn't come over here to lose. It's a really bad feeling. We wanted to keep that trophy in Ames for another year, badly. There's lots of season left starting with Texas this week. There's a lot of football to be played and I'm not going to let one loss devastate this team. We can't keep talking about the Iowa State Iowa game through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. We have the defending national champions on Saturday."


Offensive Production


Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer had more rushing attempts than Stevie Hicks on Saturday. Meyer ran the ball 15 times for 74 yards and according to McCarney, those statistics are a combination of a lot of things.


"We've got a lot of plays in our offense for Bret to carry, we're not going to run him all day and some of it was disruption with their coverage. Some of it was pressure and some of it was by design," McCarney explains.


With the loss, the Iowa State running game actually didn't look too bad. Senior running back Stevie Hicks averaged 5.2 YPC and with all of that, it just might make this loss more disappointing.

"We have lots of positives there to build on especially from a rush offensive standpoint, not the score, not the final score, not losing. It's no fun, I feel terrible, especially for my 20 seniors. We came into this game thinking that we could run the football, we've got to do that."


Against Iowa, Iowa State again failed to be productive offensively in the 2nd half. McCarney doesn't exactly know why.


"I don't see guys gassed, I don't see them quitting, I don't see them with their heads down," McCarney said.


Todd Blythe was effective on Saturday, but still not as much as he could, or should be.


"We tried; we tried lots of times (to get Blythe the ball). It isn't like we're not trying to throw the ball to him." It's not like we look at the play calling sheet saying, ‘how many times can I not throw it to Todd Blythe.'


Other Notes


  • Rashawn Parker was alert after the game and Iowa State came out of today with no serious injuries.
  • Iowa quarterback Drew Tate went 26-38 with 274 yards and three touchdowns. However, Iowa State held running back Albert Young to only 57 yards and 3.2 YPC.




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