McCarney Presser Report - Texas Week

On Monday morning Iowa State Head Coach Dan McCarney met with the media and talked about everything from his team's loss to Iowa to the uphill battle looming in Texas this weekend. To get the complete CN presser report, click right here.

Monday Notes


-          Scott Stephenson was named the offensive MVP against Iowa.

-          Adam Carper was named the defensive MVP against Iowa.

-          DeAndre Jackson was named the special team's captain against Texas on Saturday.

-          Everybody, including Rashawn Parker practiced last night and is healthy for Saturday.

-          McCarney also noted that James Smith and Travis Ferguson could possibly be back for the UNI game. He said that both players are making really good progress.


Quote of the Day


McCarney on Alvin Bowen – ""He's one of the guys that if you had to go into another dark ally, and we're going into a dark ally this week, you want to take Alvin Bowen with you."


Consistency is a Must


One common theme developing throughout this year's press conferences is the word consistency. So far, coach McCarney hasn't been happy with that aspect of his team.


"We need more consistency with our football team; there is no doubt about it. At times we are really playing well in all phases, but there's a real inconsistency about this team right now that we have got to get fixed," McCarney told the media on Monday.


McCarney used his special team's crews as an example.


"If you look at our punt coverage a week ago it was probably as good as it's been in years around here. On Saturday, Iowa had a lot to do with it but our punt coverage was really poor," McCarney said. "A week ago I came in here and talked about our kickoff coverage, obviously I really left a lot to be desired, it was really poor against UNLV. We came out and had great kickoff coverage and did a heck of a job against Iowa."


4th Quarter Blues


Iowa State has lost the 4th quarter score in all three games this season.


"We've lost all three fourth quarters this year, I don't like that and neither do my coaches and players," McCarney said.


How is he going about fixing this? Well, he'd like to play more players, but so far the twos aren't stepping up to the plate.


"We're addressing it and we want to improve on it. We've been a pretty darn good 4th quarter team in recent years," McCarney said.  "We'll try to build more depth. We would like to play more guys. You've got to earn trust during the week with the twos, we talk about it all the time but we're not just going to throw them out there just to give our ones a break. They've got to prove during the week that they deserve to play. We want to finish stronger, obviously and it's important that we do that in the weeks ahead."


A lot of fans have been complaining about the play calling at the end of the game. They believe it's conservative. McCarney doesn't agree with that mindset.


"I don't agree. We all can do a better job when we lose a game. We could all do a better job of coaching, me and my staff, my players could do a better job, but I just have a lot of faith in Barney (Cotton). I think he's a tremendous coach and we have to execute more," McCarney said.


McCarney had more good things to say about Cotton.


"I love going to work everyday with Barney as my offensive coordinator, I love going to game day with him and I love having him on my sidelines," McCarney said.


McCarney was asked if it bothered him that the media was making so much of Blythe and Meyer not connecting during games. Here's what he said.


"Win or lose, we want to be respected. We want credibility. We know that not everybody is going to agree with the decisions that we make or I make, calls that are made by John or Barney or myself. Those are two real premier players on our team, our program and in the Big 12 conference. We want to continue to do everything we can to feature those kids. We'll keep moving towards that," McCarney said.


Struggling Secondary


Iowa State currently is ranked 111th in pass defense in the nation. Here's what McCarney had to say about that.


"We knew that we weren't going to be as good early in the year as last year, that's pretty obvious when you take that kind of hit. It's a combination of things. We've got to try and get more pressure. We've got to make more plays on the ball. We can't let them make yards after contact."


Here Come the Longhorns


The Texas defense is only giving up an average of 25 rushing yards per game this season. After dropping 171 on Iowa last week, McCarney knows his team will have to do the same to have a chance on Saturday.


"We've got to try and get our running game going and we did some good things. That was a nationally ranked rush defense over at Iowa on Saturday," McCarney said. "We're not getting a lot of big plays rushing the ball. We need to get more big plays with our offense. What's the best chance for us to do that week in and week out? Throwing the football and we've got to do a better job of that."


After listening to McCarney, it's obvious how he feels about Texas.


"Texas just doesn't appear to have weaknesses," McCarney said. "They just physically dominate and it's not with a lot of games or stunts. They line up with their guys and do a great job of dominating the line of scrimmage."


At the end of the day, McCarney said the Cyclones will be ready.


"It should bring out the best in all of us. All of the pressure should be on Texas, not us; I think that's pretty obvious. We won't be the only underdog going into Austin this year."




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