A Decision is Nearing

It's now crunch time for Andre McFarland and P'Allen Stinnett and a decision will likely come around Sept. 30 when the duo will be visiting Ames the same night of the UNI football game. Click here to get quotes from the two and get all of the details from their visit to Idaho.

Iowa State fans got good news this weekend when the duo from the Brewster Academy consisting of P'Allen Stinnett and Andre McFarland stayed on the big board after their visit to Idaho. No commitments were made but the two did have a good visit.


"The visit was good. I had fun out there. The people were really good and I got a good vibe from that," McFarland told CN on Sunday.


The pair attended an Idaho football game and according to Stinnett, they were celebrities in Idaho.


We attended a football game and everybody from the whole town pretty much knew who we were already. It was nice," Stinnett said.


Stinnett is originally from Las Vegas, Nev. Idaho is the complete opposite of Vegas, but Stinnett said that he enjoyed it anyways.


"I had a great time there. There is no place in America that would be like Las Vegas but I actually enjoyed the people there," Stinnett said.


There is one new developing angle in the recruitment of Andre McFarland. Academics seem to be playing a large role for McFarland and this future biochemist was very impressed with the program at Idaho.


"The pre-med school was probably one of the best that I have ever seen with my own eyes. Their whole lab, it blew me away actually," McFarland said. "At first I wanted to be a doctor, now I'm kind of leading towards being a biochemist."


So when will the two decide? Well, we know for sure that they will still visit Iowa State on Sept. 30. McFarland told the Idaho coaches that and there's really nothing that they can do about it according to McFarland.


"I told Idaho that I would make a decision after I visit Iowa State," McFarland said. "They really couldn't say too much, I'm going to do whatever I want to do."


As of now, the duo is still scheduled to visit on Sept. 30 along with Kenton Walker of California.

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