Brackins to Join Teammates on Visit

It's now official that Craig Brackins will be joining P'Allen Stinnett and Andre McFarland for a big trip to Ames on Sept. 30. In this CN feature, Brackins talks about everything from his teammate's big decision to how his game has come along in the offseason. Get the complete scoop right here at CN.

It's been known for quite some time that P'Allen Stinnett (unofficial) and Andre McFarland (official) would be coming to Ames on September 30th for visits. Now, joining the duo will be their Brewster Academy teammate and Iowa State commit, Craig Brackins.


Brackins, who committed to Iowa State this summer said that the three visiting together was definitely planned.


"We planned it. I was going to go during Iowa State's homecoming but then I found out that P'Allen and Dre were going on the 30th so I thought that I might as well just go and hang out with my boys," Brackins said. "Hopefully they get a good feel for Iowa State and want to come with me."


So it's obvious that Brackins wants his "boys" to join him at Iowa State. So how often do the three talk about the possibility? Brackins says quite a bit.


"We talk about it. We talk about everything. I'm not trying to pressure them to coming with me; it would be really cool for us three to play together. I don't really do anymore than that. I want them to do whatever they want to do. I'm going to support them 100%," Brackins said.

The three played AAU ball together this summer with the Las Vegas Prospects, an experience that Brackins loved. Now, they're teaming up at Brewster and Brackins hopes in the future as well.


"I loved playing AAU with them, it was great. If we all go to the same school it will be even better," Brackins said. "They both like Iowa State. They both have other schools calling but Iowa State is definitely in their minds."


Brackins also said that his game is coming along well since committing to Iowa State, especially since he no longer has the pressure of recruiting to worry about.


"It's a lot of pressure off of me. I'm working really hard out here at Brewster. I'm lifting, trying to get bigger. We have colleges coming in during practice and I know that I don't have anything to worry about. People just tell me hi and congratulations. I say thanks and I can just relax," Brackins said.



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